Black and white kitten with long whiskers

This cat was whisker-shamed, but she’s so cute

This foster kitten mom is happy with her job, and she loves all the kittens she fosters. But sometimes the friends and family of cat lovers like her don’t quite understand their love for cats. Whisker-shaming The mom of this kitten fosterer ended up “whisker-shaming” one of the foster kittens. When the foster mom, Em, … Read more

Black and white cat meowing through window

Cat demands attention by yelling through shelter window

On September 5th, Reddit user pogo_loco shared their experience with a cat at a shelter that they volunteer for. They posted a picture of a black and white kitty with its mouth open, caught in the act of meowing loudly. The caption says: “Getting yelled at through the glass while I checked in for my … Read more

A black and white cat hiding under furniture with toys

This timid cat was totally transformed after her foster mom executed a clever plan

At the start of the pandemic, Gia, a timid cat, was rescued from a dumping ground. Fosterer Stacia of Brooklyn, NY, wanted to foster a cat and expected the arrangement to be temporary, but fate had other plans. First impressions  Stacia remembers her first few nights with Gia in her house, as they were pretty … Read more