Stray cat consoles woman visiting her father’s grave

A cat sent from the other side? That’s the question Tiktok user @JadaSezer has been asking herself since she made a memorable encounter at a cemetery when visiting her late father’s grave.

 On July 25, Jada shared a touching story about her meeting with a stray cat on social media. This brown-and-white puss had followed the woman while she brought flowers to her father’s grave for the first time.

In the clip, Jada explained:

“The first day I visited my dad’s grave, this stray cat came out of nowhere and jumped in my lap”

The feline wouldn’t leave Jada alone and stayed with her until the end. Then, moved by the unknown kitten’s comforting gesture, the young woman scooped him up to take him to the veterinarian.

There was no indication of either a microchip or a tattoo being present. Furthermore, no one stepped forward to claim the moggy as their own.

Hence, Jada decided to keep her new friend as a companion. She gave him the name Yoshi, meaning righteous or virtuous in Japanese.

The consoling cat stirs reincarnation conversations

 Once the Tiktoker shared her story, commenters had much to say about the event. The heartwarming TikTok story has now gone viral, with over one hundred likes and more than half a million views in a few weeks.

In their admiration of the animal, some individuals have even referred to it as a “gift from god.” Many expressed that the cat might be a sign from Jada’s departed dad.

@Charlotte Attle exclaimed:

“That’s your daddy. He came back as a cat to protect you once more.”

AIison123 chimed in, writing:

“This is definitely a sign from your dad♥️”

As one user put it, the stray cat needed the young woman, and the young woman needed the cat. As a result, both found comfort and love within each other.

To all the comments pouring in, Jada responded six days after her initial post:

“BIG BIG BIG LOVE to everyone who thought this was a sign… I think it could have been too. “

After Jada’s father’s passing, adding a new member to the family provided her with consolation through purring, hugs, and other activities.

The British fashion influencer later gave updates on her new pet. Yoshi loves to accompany his mistress everywhere, even waiting for her outside the bathroom.

He enjoys watching her apply her makeup and won’t go to sleep unless he gets his fill of stroking—a genuinely devoted companion.

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