Rescue kitten uses his tail to ask for more milk

A rescue kitten has found a funny way to indicate his satiation level. This puss has its own tail meter.

Oboe is a young tabby cat with a ginger coat. When he and his six brothers and sisters were discovered abandoned in the street, he was just ten days old at that point.

The unfortunate kittens were coated in filth, and several had eye problems due to their terrible condition. They were taken in by Jen Mack, the director of the Kitkat Playroom shelter.

Immediately after that, she began providing care for them around the clock. Finally, after a few days, the mother was relieved to see that her little rescue kitties had regained their strength.

Despite his size, Oboe, the tiniest kitten in the litter, had a strong determination to survive. He sucked hungrily from his bottle, and he figured out how to let his foster mom know when he needed more food or not.

His tail would progressively droop to the floor while he nursed, indicating that his tummy was increasingly full. Jen Mack nicknamed her protégé’s habit the tail-meter.

That way, Jen had an excellent idea of when she could stop giving the kitten food because the cat’s small tail had already let her know.

She captured a short video of the kitten’s routine on her camera, and it is indeed hilarious to watch, in addition to being cute!

The rescue kitten grows stronger

After weeks of care, Oboe swiftly gained more weight than his siblings and became the heaviest kitten. Jen dubbed the ginger “the Chunker” because he always demanded more milk.

“He had this deep, loud, powerful meow that didn’t sound like a tiny kitten,” Jen said of Oboe.

When Oboe eats, he never stops eating until he is totally content with the food he has consumed. As a result, he has grown to become the most robust of the puppies and the biggest.

He possesses a good deal of strength. On the other hand, Oboe likes to show off his feline might by fighting and dragging his teddy bear around the home.

Besides his energetic activities, Jen assured Love Meow that Oboe is also an affectionate pet who enjoys a nice cuddle.

“Like most bottle babies, Oboe most certainly loves his humans, and he will love to get plenty of lap and snuggle time from you,” Jen added.

The rescue kitty and his siblings are now ready to be adopted. Hopefully, a lucky family will snatch Oboe soon.

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