This cheeky cat gatecrashed her family’s road trip by stowing away in their camper van!

Delilah the cat surprised her family when they discovered that she had snuck into their camper van to join them on their road trip.

The family of five; Andrea Scholten, her husband, and their three children were traveling to the EAA AirVenture 2022 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when they discovered that their ginger kitty Delilah had decided to join them!


As reported by People, the Scholten family left their cat at home, where a neighbor was going to check in on her daily, when they set off for their four-day trip. 

So, it came as a shock when Delilah suddenly popped out of her hiding place in the camper van, when the family stopped in Toledo, Ohio, having traveled 900 miles from their home.

Andrea Scholten shared with People Magazine, that the whole family was taken aback when they realized that Delilah had been with them on every mile of their journey, just waiting to make her presence known!

Time to improvise

Given the distance that they had traveled turning around and dropping Delilah back home, wasn’t going to be feasible, as it would mean that the Scholten’s would miss the first day of the air show and add hours to their travel time.

And so the decision was made to see how Delilah took to life on the road. Andrea Scholten decided to fill her Facebook friends in on the situation; and put up a post sharing the story of their feline stowaway.

In the post, she wrote:

“The plan so far is to see how she does as a camper cat, if she doesn’t do well we’ll have to find a kennel,” 

Delilah on the road

To the surprise of her family, given that the cat was such a homebody, Delilah took well to life on the road. Shortly after she was discovered she found a sunny spot in the van and had herself a nice cat nap.

Andrea shared that Delilah seemed unphased by the fact that she was in a moving vehicle and did not meow or try to get out of the van, as Andrea had feared she would.

There was one problem though; The family was well stocked for the road trip, having packed everything they would need but they hadn’t packed anything needed for a cat on the road!

According to Andrea, they made a quick stop at Target to buy cat food, kitty litter, and a collar and a name tag for Delilah, as she was microchipped and rarely left the house so she hadn’t needed one before.

A ginger cat sits behind a window in a camper van.
Delilah enjoying the air show from the camper van. Pic credit: People Magazine/Website

Delilah goes viral

Once Andrea began posting on Facebook about Delilah’s unexpected adventures on the road, her story began to be shared across the web and people online could not get enough of the loveable stowaway! 

Speaking of Delilah’s unexpected fame, Andrea said:

“We put a story up with a photo of her and people thought it was hysterical, They were commenting ‘We want more Delilah,’ so we did.

Every day a couple of times a day, I would put up a post”

According to Andrea’s updates, Delilah actually watched some of the air show through the window of the camper van and she seemed to really enjoy it!

The Scholten family has shared that they plan to take Delilah back to EAA AirVenture next year, intentionally this time!

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