A mom posted hilarious pictures of her jealous cat conspiring against her newborn daughter

A new mother filmed her green-eyed kitty casting death stares at her newborn baby with the hilarious footage sending TikTok into overdrive.

Grace Robinson of Leicester, England, lives with her 12-year-old cat Harvey. Although the feline can be as sweet as a pie, he’s also renowned for disliking strangers and mean-mugging them.

A jealous streak

The British woman first filmed that side of Harvey when her mother Emma visited. Grace claimed that Harvey was staring at her mother, which she thought amusing, so she took a picture.

Later, she shared the photo in group chat, prompting laughs from the members. It then became a game of snapping Harvey whenever he was in cranky mode. Grace told Need to know:

“Anytime he was in the background (quite often) and was staring like usual, we would take a picture and share it in the family group chat.”

Once Grace’s newborn daughter Emilia came home, Harvey grew suspicious, and his sullen demeanor returned.

His owner documented the feline’s standoffish behavior in a photo series headlined “POV: your cat is conspiring to kill your kid,”

The mother posted the montage on Tiktok, jokingly implying that the household’s kitty plans to slay the new addition to the family.

Since its upload, the footage has gone viral, amassing more than 1.7 million views on TikTok.

Observing the baby’s adorable pastimes with a placid expression, Harvey glares at the newborn every time. Unfortunately for the feline, the flash effect makes his eyes appear particularly threatening.

In the final scene, we see Harvey watching baby Emilia as she rests sweetly in Robinson’s arms, closely checking her.


Bonus points if you can spot him in the last one #fyp #cat #baby

♬ original sound – The Gadget

This last image is Grace’s favorite image because she took it without realizing Harvey was in the frame. The viewers agree as well.

Tiktok user @em exclaimed:


In the battle Harvey versus the baby, one commenter picked the moggy’s side, writing:

“I’m sorry, but if my cat doesn’t like my baby, I’ll have to give it up for adoption (the baby).”

If Harvey’s behavior has caused some commenters’ apprehension, Grace Robinson quickly put concerns to rest. The cat owner added:

“Away from the camera, Harvey is just fine with Emilia; to be honest, if anything, he’s not really bothered by her,”

She explained that her video was just a gag to make folks smile. Thus, we can safely say, mission accomplished!

Cats and babies

When it comes to behavior, cats are solitary creatures who are fiercely protective of their routines. As a result, a cat reacts negatively to even the tiniest change, resulting in various behavioral issues.

These reactions include snapping or growling, loss of appetite, and isolation.

Regarding cats and babies, cats can spread zoonoses, trigger allergies, or even cause mishaps such as scratching, biting, and involuntary cause asphyxiation when lying near the baby.

Therefore, vets recommend you take your cat for a health check-up a few weeks before the due date and never leave your baby with your cat unsupervised.

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