A compassionate cat guides a blind dog by meowing in front of obstacles

A blind dog has found a great companion in a house cat. The feline assists the disabled dog in navigating the world without sight.

A German shepherd- Greyhound cross named Blaze went blind in 2020, but thanks to Satin, the dog has someone to guide him at home.

Robin Wagner, who lives in Vermont, adopted her dog Blaze in 2019. Initially, the shelter informed her the puppy had eyesight issues.

A vet diagnosed the rescue dog with blindness in one eye, the professional feared the dog’s condition would worsen over the years.

He recommended the dog undergo eye surgery to prevent glaucoma. Unfortunately, as predicted by the clinic, Blaze’s health did decline.

Blaze needs assistance

According to The Mirror, the black dog went completely blind in October 2020 and had his right eye removed two months later, Blaze was greatly affected by this new disability.

Robin, a preschool teacher who moved from New York to Burlington, Vermont, stated:

“Blaze’s social anxiety plummeted after he went blind. He got quite anxious and reactive.”

To help the apprehensive pet regain some self-assurance, Wagner enrolled him in class with certified trainers. Fortunately for Blaze and Robin, there was someone else willing to offer support; Satin, the cat.

Satin guides Blaze

At first, the big dog, still unaccustomed to his situation, would inadvertently step on the seven-year-old kitty, Robin explained:

“Satin enjoys rubbing herself on his lengthy legs, much like a cat would against a table or chair.”

Likewise, Blaze would frequently collide with any object in his path. However, after noticing her roommate’s visual impairment, Satin took it all in stride and grew closer to the dog.

Together, the two pals even devised a clever strategy to avoid crashes. Satin would meow to let Blaze know she was in his way.

” Every time he’d be walking towards her, she would meow. She would meow, and he would stop and redirect himself”

The black cat continued to apply this strategy throughout the rest of the house. She would chirp to alert her eighty-pound friend of potential obstacles in his path, making the canine halt and circle around them.

And it appears that having this friend during such a difficult period was vital to Blaze, it seemed to make him feel less isolated.


It’s tricky to catch them in the moment, but here’s more of the dynamic duo 🖤

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Robin acknowledged that Blaze’s blindness really strengthened the bond between the two pets. She continued:

“Before going blind, they were more like ships passing in the night. Now, they take opportunities to acknowledge each other”

You can follow the dynamic duo’s adventures on Tiktok.

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