A long-haired Siamese cat lies out on a carpet.

This comedian’s beloved cat got stuck up a tree and he risked life and limb to rescue her!

Brian Limond a.k.a ‘Limmy’ is a Scottish comedian and author who in the last few years has become a prolific Twitch streamer. During these streams, viewers can often see his cat Bobbi hanging out with him, sometimes Limmy even pauses the game or movie he’s playing to give Bobbi a cuddle. The camera does love … Read more

A cat sits in front of a yellow background.

A post office worker makes a shocking discovery in a package of kitty litter!

The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) made an unsettling finding in the city of Romulus, Michigan, in the United States. They found a parcel containing more than kitty litter. The investigation started on August 19th, 2021, when a postal employee intercepted a parcel with a priority label. The package was addressed to Jacob Dupree … Read more