This curious newly-adopted kitty became stuck in his new owners’ toilet: a rescue mission ensued

In 2018, in Memramcook, New Brunswick, Spirit, a black rescue kitten, got himself into a pickle when he trapped himself inside a toilet. Spirit had just been adopted and moved into a new house the day prior.

When this cat explored his new surroundings, he ventured into the bathroom. This curious kitty left no stone unturned.

Spirit found a round hole in the rear of the bathroom toilet and got himself stuck. His new owner Ashley Martin, came home to discover that her feline was nowhere in sight.

Oddly enough, she heard purring sounds from her toilet in the bathroom. To her surprise, she discovered her new rescue kitten had gotten his head stuck in a hole in the commode.

Spirit got himself trapped and was unable to wiggle himself out. Despite her own efforts, cat mom Ashley also had trouble freeing her new kitten.

Calling for help

Ashley called her partner Alain Clavette for help, she also dialed the plumber for assistance too.

Eric Lavigne of the Moncton Plumbing Company and her partner showed up to help. With her rescue team in place, they went to work the best they could.

Plan A

Spirit’s parents did not want to risk injuring the cat by cracking the toilet apart. Due to the awkward position of the cat’s body, the plumber chose to remove the bolts to lift the commode from the floor.

They attempted to use butter to make the head of the cat slip through to no avail. The kitten remained trapped, after a few hours passed with no success, Spirit’s owners moved to plan B.

Plan B

They contacted Riverview Animal Hospital to get help. Ashley and Alain took the black cat, toilet and all, to the vet.
The veterinarian sedated the cat and used a lubricant to slide his head out of the toilet hole. The cat rescue was a success!
A black kitten sits on a sofa with a white blanket.
Finally free, Spirit the curious kitty enjoys home life with his parents. Pic credit: @TheDodo/YouTube

A happy ending

Pet parents Ashley and Alain got more than they bargained for as new cat parents to their kitten Spirit. Starting a new chapter with a new family in a new house means getting used to your new environment.

However, this curious kitty landed himself in quite the predicament. Luckily with his new parents’ resourcefulness, patience, and quick action, Spirit found his way out of trouble, sparing all of his nine lives.

Now, Spirit can spend the rest of his days doing everyday feline things like bonding with family, making memories, and playing with toys.

Did this story resonate with you? Can you remember a time when your pet needed your help?

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