This clever cat came to a woman’s rescue and helped her retrieve her lost keys

A black cat came to the rescue of a Brazilian woman in a recent viral video. In the video, it is explained that the woman’s son had dropped her set of keys down a narrow hole in a cement block.

In the clip, the woman is frantic after losing her keys down the tiny hole, however, out of nowhere, a black cat comes to her aid.

Hero black cat

The woman is seen making an attempt to use a long stick to access her keys, as the hole in the cement block is too small for a human hand to fit.

Although no human hand could retrieve the keys, a feline’s paw would work just fine. This clever cat used its instinctive hunting abilities with precision to retrieve her keys with minimal effort.

The owner cheered with delight upon seeing the cat succeed. The cat appeared to be very receptive to the adoration and gentle strokes that the woman gave in gratitude.

After the ordeal, the black cat lay down on the same cement block soaking in the sun’s rays. The woman recording the incident on her cell phone joked that no one would believe it if she had not recorded the cat.

This TikTok clip has received over 7.9 million views, with thousands giving comments of praise for this feline hero.

Misconceptions about cats

Although it is more common to see dogs play games of fetch, it is not unheard of for cats to behave like dogs and fetch too.

Dogs are often trained to fetch and retrieve in exchange for treats and human adoration and praise. However, cats don’t behave with the same manner or motivation.

In contrast, cats are instinctively programmed to hunt and retrieve in the wild. So, the idea of a cat fetching is not so outlandish.

For hundreds of years, domesticated cats have been known to aid in rodent and pest control for humans.

A black cat searches in a small hole in cement block.
The crafty black cat goes searching for keys. Pic credit:@luhmeira7/TikTok


Felines have found many ways to help humans over the years. From fetching keys to catching mice, there’s not much these crafty felines cannot do.

This helpful neighborhood black cat came to the rescue of a woman in need by doing what comes naturally.

black cat lying on cement block in sun dangling keys above
Hero black cat takes a well-deserved rest after saving the day. Pic credit:@luhmeira7/TikTok

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