Meet Figaro: who doesn’t let his facial injury stop him from living a joyful life

Figaro is a three-year-old tabby who was rescued as a kitten with a severe facial injury. He was taken to an animal hospital immediately after he was found, put on pain relief, and booked in for reconstructive surgery.

It is not known what caused the injury to little Figaro’s face, but whatever it was cut through the bottom part of his upper right maxilla.

Diagram of a cat's skull with anatomy markers.
The anatomy of a cat’s skull shows the area of Figaro’s injury – the maxilla – in purple. Pic credit: @Alitographica/DeviantArt

This left Figaro with essentially a piece of his face missing, as seen in the image below.

Wide-eyed brown tabby kitten with the bottom of his upper right maxilla gone from an injury.
Figaro after getting cleaned up at the animal hospital following his rescue. Pic credit: @figaroandfriends/Instagram

He ended up spending over a month at the hospital recovering, and once he was able to leave 24-hour care, went to his new foster home.

Foster or forever home?

Figaro’s foster parents Meagan and Gregg Licari welcomed the little feline survivor into their home with open arms. Even though this was a new environment for Figaro, there was a familiar face to take comfort in.

The couple was already fostering Figaro’s sister Corona who was rescued at the same time in a different part of the city. Corona had settled in well and didn’t have even half the length of recovery time as her brother.

Long-haired brown tabby kitten laying in front of her brother, a short-haired brown tabby kitten with a bad facial injury.
Corona is very protective of her brother. Pic credit: @figaroandfriends/Instagram.

After settling in at home and getting through all his serious treatments, Figaro started to improve immensely and was soon ready to be adopted.

But Meagan and Gregg had fallen in love with him and his sister, and they decided to keep the both of them!

Four cats lying on different steps of a staircase.
Corona (top) and Figaro (middle) joined Meagan and Gregg’s other two forever cats Barry (bottom) and Harry (second from top). Pic credit: @figaroandfriends/Instagram.

Easy living

Although Figaro’s injury left him with permanent disfigurement, it never seemed to bother him too much, he’s always been just like every other cat; full of mischief.

And sweetness;

The only additional care Figaro needs is to have his nasal passage kept clean and the hair around his jaw trimmed every now and then.

Otherwise, he is a happy and healthy cat, whose personality shines through despite his past trauma. His owner Meagan told Jam Press:

“He truly brings joy and laughter to our lives every day, we don’t even need to watch TV with a character like him!”

A brown tabby cat with facial disfigurement.
Nothing will stop this kitty from soaking in the sun. Pic credit: @figaroandfriends/Instagram.
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