Meet Liebchen: the most adventurous cat on the internet

Liebchen is a friendly orange cat who is always up for a good time and full of energy. His adventures shared on social have earned quite the following.

Liebchen’s parents adopted him when the kitten was just ten weeks old, after falling head over heels when they laid eyes on him at the Rifle Animal Shelter near Aspen, Colorado.

After they took him home, he would meow at the door to get out and explore, so his parents went out and purchased him a harness. That was the start of Liebchen’s adventurous life.

Always up for an adventure

There’s nothing this pussy cat can’t do. Liebchen goes skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, swimming; the list is endless.

You might run into this cat in unexpected places: on a trail, at a mountain’s peak, in a restaurant, or even on a chairlift.

According to his owners, the feline is friendly, quite talkative, and puts a smile on the face of everyone he comes in contact with. This bold cat adores making the acquaintance of new people and is especially fond of canine companions.

Liebchen’s parents have set out on a mission to share their kitty’s thrilling photos and videos with the rest of the world. As a result, the cat has amassed many followers on social media.

His Instagram page has more than a hundred thousand followers. Liebchen has even obtained a few lucrative endorsements; he’s the spokesperson for several cat accessories brands.

Cat advocacy

Besides spreading joy on the internet, Liebchen’s owners created his social media account for a bigger purpose: advocacy for animal rescue. In their interview with Bored Panda, the activists explain how vital this cause is for them.

Every year, millions of cats and dogs are looking for forever homes. Liebchen’s owners wish to stress the significance of pet adoption from a shelter.

Those who cannot make this commitment can support their chosen shelter by making a financial contribution.

Because of how much Liebchen has improved her parents’ lives, they are sure that other pets have the potential to do the same for willing people. Liebchen’s parents proudly state that their lives would not be the same without the orange tabby.

They are convinced that any house cat has the potential to become an adventure cat and that every pet can be a person’s best friend.

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