This feral cat transformed after encountering one special woman with a loving touch

In a heartwarming post on YouTube, a woman named Amber shares her journey of how tending to the needs of a timid feral cat changed her life.

Feral cats

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. There is a difference between feral cats and stray or indoor cats.

According to, the most significant difference between these two cats is the manner these animals interact and relate to people.

“Pet and stray cats are socialized to people. Feral cats are not socialized to people. While they are socialized to their feline family members and bonded to each other, they do not have that same relationship with people.”

Consequently, feral cats typically exhibit signs such as being very timid or shying away from people, in contrast to strays that may approach humans.Feral cats also display differences in body language, including lacking eye contact, remaining low to the ground, and being protective of their tail.

Feral felines do not like to be touched.

Feral cat transformation

Seeing how different feral cats are in contrast to indoor cats, it’s a miracle how one woman’s care and concern transformed the life of one feral cat. In a touching YouTube video, a woman named Amber recalled how she came to know Finn.

Finn was a feral ginger cat living outdoors in the cold and would break windows to get warmth away from the harsh cold. Amber allowed Finn to remain inside.

She immediately saw the fear in his eyes and deduced he was scared. Finn would not let anyone come close.

His eyes were transfixed and focused on Amber in defense mode. The feral cat preferred to remain hidden in the corner of the room alone.

After a couple of days, Amber began her journey to help timid Finn by sitting about ten feet away from the nervous cat.

She avoided paying attention to him and allowed Finn to come to her when he was ready. The hungry feral began to let his guard down when Amber brought luncheon meat to feed him.

The kind-hearted woman went from throwing the luncheon meat in his direction to eventually feeding Finn from her hand. She recalled this being a pivotal moment for her in this journey.

With time and patience, Amber could enter the room without Finn reacting fearfully a few weeks later. The feral cat began to alter his behavior and show signs he was starting to trust.

Finn’s demeanor changed for the better. Now when Amber would enter the room, he would act excited.

The once timid ginger cat welcomed Amber’s petting and strokes. He also started to expose his belly and play more.


he was like this for like 10 minutes and i actually physically cannot handle the cuteness #feralcat #fyp

♬ so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

Lessons learned

Finn was a feral cat that transformed once he experienced love, patience, and kindness from one special human. Once a former scardey cat terrified of everything, Finn blossomed into an adorable, cuddly sweet cat.

Finn received the gift of a second chance at a better life and is finally content, safe, and loved. You can learn more about Finn and his life with his mom Amber on Tik Tok.

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