Car driver realizes on the freeway that a kitten is hidden under his hood

It’s a fairy tale with a happy ending for a kitten cat stuck under a car’s hood on the freeway. The animal rode for six kilometers in the engine before being rescued by a vigilante who adopted her.

The cat’s ordeal began when she tried to climb out from under the car’s hood while it was moving.

The Local Police of Genoa saved this kitten in the afternoon after it had traveled about six kilometers while being confined in the engine compartment of a vehicle.

 After going into the metropolitan freeway known as the Sopraelevata, the vehicle’s driver, Salvatore, noticed the cat and immediately pulled over and placed a call for assistance.

Salvatore used his phone to tape the unreal experience. He documented the cat rescue in real time, telling viewers how shocked he was to find an unexpected passenger aboard his car.

Still in disbelief, Salvatore related the experience in an interview:

 “When I first started hearing noises coming from the automobile, the last thing I expected to see was a kitten. “

However, when Salvatore opened the hood of the vehicle, there were two large green eyes peeking out between the radiator and the engine.

His initial response was to close the hood by reflex. Then he took his phone and dialed the emergency services number to report the issue.

 Salvatore’s main concern was that the puss might run out into the street and get hit by a car. Besides, he didn’t know how much time this puss spent curled there and whether it was still in good health.

The kitten is rescued… and adopted

Along Aldo Moro Road, first responders on motorcycles and, subsequently, a patrol car raced to provide assistance as quickly as they could.

After the hood had been raised, the cat had switched positions. It walked precariously on the engine, and it eventually hid in the gears of the vehicle.

Fortunately, the feline was cooperative and went along with the officer’s plan to pick it up. A little slice of ham was more than enough to convince the critter to emerge from its hiding place.

Once they grabbed the animal, the rescuers discovered she was a female kitten. The animal looked scared but in great condition.

Her ride didn’t have much effect on her. Besides, one of the cops decided to adopt her on the spot.

The happy ending of this amazing story is good for both the little kitty and the cop who patrols the neighborhood.

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