Surprise! A family discovers a cat in the cupboard of their newly bought home

While moving into their new home, a family in Norfolk got a big surprise! When the family opened a cabinet in the house they had recently moved into; they were taken aback to see a cat.

The family living in Norwich, UK, had relocated to their new house around Christmas. But, in the hassle of unpacking their belongings, perhaps no one noticed a furry tenant already inhabited the place.

A big surprise!

A family member went to store appliances in the kitchen, once they opened one of the kitchen’s cupboards, a little surprise was awaiting them! A frightened black kitten was staring right back at them.

Unfortunately for the little moggy, the new homeowners already had pets. They were concerned because they had their own dogs and didn’t want to make the kitten any more terrified than she already was.

For this reason, the family decided not to keep the kitten and called an animal association, the Norwich RSPCA. Amy Pellegrini, an association worker, arrived to check on the kitten, she shared:

“The new homeowners really weren’t expecting to find a cat in their kitchen cupboard when they moved in – they must’ve had quite the surprise,”

Mistletoe goes to the shelter

Amy then left with the black little kitten, at the refuge, she gave her the name Mistletoe in homage to the current holiday season.  Amy explained to BBC:

“She was such a sweet thing – I named her Mistletoe because she was found just before Christmas.”

 A veterinarian also examined the rescue cat and found her in excellent condition. Unfortunately, during her examination, the clinic didn’t detect any microchip identification device on the cat, so they had no idea how she ended up in the kitchen cabinet.

She might have been a stray cat looking for a warm place in winter, the local RSPCA branch looking after Mistletoe referred to her as beautiful and very kind.

The black kitty has adjusted well to her new home, the workers said:

“She is a gorgeous little cat who just loves a fuss and really loves her soft snuggle bed.”

A few weeks later, a revigorated Mistletoe joined the RSPCA adoption list, where they would try to find her a new family.

The refuge workers were confident that she would provide love and companionship to her lucky owner.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA continued searching for an explanation for Mistletoe’s appearance in the house.

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