This grumpy tabby hates everyone but her beloved owner who rescued her

Amy had always wanted a cat, but her husband had always refused, claiming that he hated them.

Then 10 years ago around Christmas time, he surprised her with a cat he brought home from a local shelter! Amy was thrilled and named the cat Aurora.

Aurora had been a shelter cat, and before Amy adopted her she was being fostered in a home along with her siblings.

But all her siblings had been adopted out, and until Amy’s husband came along, no one wanted her.

Fearsome feline

As Amy and her husband discovered, this was most likely because Aurora had a bit of an attitude. Speaking of Aurora, Amy said:

“She is a grumpy lady”

After taking Aurora to the vet to get her a check-up, the vet described her as an “aggressor” cat.

This means that although she may be comfortable with her family; Amy, her husband, and their daughter, she is not so happy being around strangers.

A large tabby cat sits on a couch cushion.
Aurora is not pleased with whatever she’s looking at. Pic credit: @roro.catcat/Instagram.

And she has a funny way of showing that unhappiness, she will stare down anyone who comes to visit until they leave.

Aurora is also FIV+ which means her immune system is compromised, coupled with her challenging few months of life and ending up in a shelter, perhaps her attitude was borne of survival.

Despite her grumpy attitude, Aurora shares a special bond with Amy.


Amy enjoys making light of Aurora’s attitude because she knows that deep down, her kitty is a sweetheart.

It’s also not clear whether she is always annoyed or if the markings on her face just make her look like she is.

Aurora’s dislike of other people and animals is likely because of her time in a busy shelter, maybe Aurora is just a feline introvert who has strong boundaries. Her relationship with her ‘Mama’ Amy is certainly a close one.

Not many cats would let a person hold them and touch their belly like Aurora allows Amy to!

Aurora lets Amy carry her like a baby, rub her belly, and doesn’t even wake up no matter where she touches her.

This could be because Amy takes such good care of her that she doesn’t mind, or maybe Aurora isn’t as tough as she seems.

A large tabby cat lies on its side exposing its stomach.
She looks so cute and cuddly here… is it a trap? Pic credit: @roro.catcat/Instagram.
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