This kitten was shockingly rescued from a dumpster fire but has made a swift recovery

Four-week-old kitten Savannah was found in the extinguished remains of a dumpster fire in Las Vegas on May 3rd, 2022.

She was immediately brought into The Animal Foundation, the largest animal shelter in Nevada, where her condition was assessed.

And it did not look good, Savannah was in a lot of pain, terrified, and constantly shaking, but she was in good hands.

The staff at the animal hospital worked quickly to get her pain relief and warmed her up in an incubator before letting her get some rest for the night.

Assessing the damage

Savannah was in bad condition, her whiskers and fur were singed, and she had second and third-degree burns on her face, ears, paws, and tail.

Because of the burns, her skin was shedding and she was at increased risk of developing a nasty infection.

Coupled with her young age, this meant that Savannah needed around-the-clock care.

A badly burned kitten
Savannah was badly burned on her paws and face and required constant care. Pic credit: @theanimalfoundation/Instagram.

Thankfully, Savannah was fostered straight away by a veterinarian who could provide the expert attention she needed.

Her foster mom even took her to work at her vet clinic, so all the necessary supplies like bandages and pain medication were close at hand.

It was with all of this help that Savannah began to make a swift recovery.


In good news, Savannah never seemed to have a problem eating, and this was a great help as kittens don’t have a fully functioning immune system so need all the nutrition they can get.

She was doted on at the vet clinic where her foster mom worked, bottle-fed every four hours, and given lots of cuddles.

A kitten with some fur growing back in after being badly burned.
Savannah looks a lot better just a couple of weeks after she was rescued. Pic credit: @theanimalfoundation/Instagram.

In even better news, Savannah was growing so strong that just over a month after the fire she was able to be adopted!

Long-term, it looks like she will have some scar tissue but otherwise, she should be perfectly healthy and live a long life in her new forever home.

A grey and orange kitten in a cat bed with toys behind her.
Savannah was adopted on the 28th of June and is now living in her forever home. Pic credit: @theanimalfoundation/Website.

Savannah survived this horrible ordeal not only because of her fighting spirit, but because of the care of her foster mom, The Animal Foundation, and the donations they received to help give this little kitten the treatment she needed.

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