A woman accidentally turned her cat yellow with a homemade turmeric treatment

A  woman noticed an infection developing on her cat’s paws. Consequently, she decided to treat her puss with a dose of turmeric. The result was beyond her wildest expectations as the patient turned neon yellow!

Pets owners must closely follow their companions’ health status, so daily inspections are part of the routine. In Thailand, cat mom Thammapa Supamas noticed that her white moggy had some fungus on his foot’s skin.

As the condition seemed benign, the woman tried to find remedies on the internet. After searching, she discovered that turmeric had powerful anti-inflammatory properties and could remove fungi.

Thus, Thammapa opted for this homemade remedy, she prepared the turmeric mix and applied it to her cat’s foot.

To ensure that the infection didn’t spread, the cautious owner decided to give the puss a complete treatment and applied the balm to the rest of the cat’s body.

Pikachu cat

After letting the balm rest for some time, Thammapa went on to rinse her cat. However, the color did not come off as expected.

The woman had no idea that turmeric is a potent spice but also stains heavily, as a result, the cat was left as yellow as a sunflower.

Supamas told her story on Facebook, including before and after pictures of her pet in the post. As expected, social media had a field day with these pictures. Thousands of comments flooded the page.

People compared the dyed cat to a popular Pokemon character known for his bright yellow hue; Pikachu. Moreover, users photoshopped the cat with Pikachu’s trademark reddish stripes and other distinctive markings.

An image of turmeric tablets and an image of a cat photoshopped to look like the Pokemon Pikachu.
Turmeric tablets and a photoshopped image of the yellow cat baring the distinctive markings of Pikachu. Pic credit: @mycatYellow/Facebook

Do not replicate

According to People magazine, specialists do not recommend applying turmeric directly to your cat to cure their ailments. It’s not due to safety concerns but rather because of the potential for turmeric powder to stain cats’ fur.  

American Veterinary Medical Association member Chad Dodd declared that the neon yellow stain could take months to disappear. He added:

“If they want to use it topically, they should try one of the commercially available extract forms vs. the powder.”

Nevertheless, the Pikachu cat story has a happy ending. It seems that Supamas generous dose of balm effectively treated her kitten’s fungal woes.

On her social media account, the Thai woman gave updates on her cat’s situation and shared that even though the puss was still tinted weeks after, his paws were doing much better, with no more outbreaks.

We guess this positive outcome was worth looking like an anime character!

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