Cat’s teary reaction to owner cutting onions has Tiktok in stitches

Onions slicing and eyeballs don’t make a good pairing. These two have a conflictual relationship as one always makes the other cry without even trying.

Most humans are aware of the inconvenience of handling onions but a cat just made the unsettling experience. The cat’s owner posted on Tiktok a video depicting the kitten’s reaction.

The feline’s relatable experience was bound to go viral, and it did.

Tiktok user Chrissy wanted to cook her next meal so she head out to the kitchen. The young woman was slicing some onions on her cutting board when her roommate made an appearance.

Chrissy’s tabby cat came in the kitchen, jumping on the fridge top, to peep at her mistress’s curious activity. And that’s one decision the furball will regret forever.

The onions made one more victim.

On August 2, her owner, under the username @333chrissy, uploaded a five seconds video of the cat severely affected by the onions’ gas. In the clip, viewers see the tabby crying uncontrollably as she stands on top of the fridge.

She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the waterworks but it was not working out. Chrissy remarked;

“Was cutting onions and Gigi came and suffered the consequences”

The Tiktoker was surprised at how well she was able to capture this hilarious (except for Gigi) moment. Eventually, the cat owner had to wash her hands thoroughly to take the cat out of the kitchen.


i washed my hands and took her out of the kitchen shes okay i promise #fyp #cat #onions

♬ Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

Gigi makes Tiktok cry from laughter

Gigi’s recording was an immediate hit on the video-sharing platform. As of today, more than 11 000 000 people have watched, with 2.5 000 000 liking the clip.

A user commented:

“I’ve never seen a cat cry a full tear💀”

Another user, called Stefi902, shared her own experience, writing:

“My cat sniffed an onion I was cutting 2 separate times, and for some reason, both times he sneezed.”

A day after posting the original video, Chrissy gave an update on her critter’s situation. She informed followers that the goofy feline was perfectly fine.

Following her unpleasant experience, the cat had moved on and was now waiting for dinner. Besides, the kitten made a lasting impression on viewers, who requested more videos.

User @Laura Annie gave her hard-earned approval in the comments, saying:

“I don’t love cats but this one’s energy passes 🥰”

When asked about the cat’s background, Chrissy revealed Gigi was a rescue. Although she appears small, the puss is actually an adult cat.

Hopefully, Gigi has now learned her lesson and will stay clear of onions next time.

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