Cat clears out owner’s bathroom in priceless video

We all love good cleaning, but here’s what happens when a housecat does it for you. A Bengal cat has decided he’s had enough of the “clutter” in his owner’s bathroom, so he took the matter into its paws.

His owner shared a comical video of the pet casually using his paw to remove all items from the bathroom shelf.

Cats are known to have a lot of peculiarities that might be challenging to comprehend. Any cat owner will confirm this fact.

Many kitties tend to knock over anything lying on tables, desks, or any surface accessible to them. But this particular feline seems to be doing it intentionally.

Perhaps, he’s watched too many decluttering tutorials?

A video of the puss at work was uploaded to TikTok on September 4 by user @laterius5. The post has since gone viral, with a massive three million views to date.

This clip depicts a Bengal cat reorganizing a bathroom shelf in his own way. Initially, said cat is positioned in the nook above the toilet bowl, and he is hard at work clearing out the space.

You can see him touching and sniffing the objects first, then tossing them away as if he’s deemed them superfluous. At the end of his short inspection, the Bengal does not leave behind anything.

On the contrary, it seems he’s judged every item unwanted and good for trash. Unfortunately for his owner, the critter’s urge for a comprehensive clean-up comes at the price of belongings such as bottles, perfume dispensers, and even rolls of toilet paper.

All these objects end up falling into the toilet bowl, where the owner has thankfully secured the lid.

A spring cleaning never hurts

The cat owner has made it clear that they had no intention of retrieving the thrown objects from the toilet like before. Apparently, this maniac cat is adept at clearing out the bathroom regularly.

Famous expert cleaner Marie Kondo did advise to let go of things to make place for more essential matters. Still, we’re not sure this Bengal’s approach is what the popular TV host meant.

Once the video was posted online, people loved the cat’s reaction. TikTokers shared their amusement in the comment section.

Thus, @Sharon Zanghi found the kitty hilarious, writing:

“Fabulous 😂😂😂. Before there was too much clutter, now it’s perfect 😂😂😂”

@ Brent explained the cat’s perspective in the comment below:

“I’ve told you over and over again not to put stuff on my ledge. 😂😂😂”

Like a commenter pointed out, the cat was probably going for the minimalist look this fall.

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