A man undertakes a miraculous rescue and saves a newborn kitten trapped in an excavator

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a man was working on a construction site last month when he heard faint meowing sounds from an excavator on site. Construction worker Matt searched the equipment and discovered a tiny ginger kitten near the engine.

He had been in the excavator all day. The kitten appeared to be a newborn and meowed at the top of his lungs, trying to get help.

Newborn kitten rescue

Matt couldn’t reach in to retrieve him, so he had to take apart plates from the bottom of the excavator to rescue him.

He wrapped the kitten in a jacket and drove to meet his sister in an attempt to get further assistance.

The little palm-sized kitten weighed a meager 2.5 ounces (70 grams). He was the sole survivor of a litter of kittens born prematurely with the umbilical cord attached.

Matt’s sister Amy gently cleaned the dirty kitten with a wet cotton ball and saw that he had burns on the side of his face and front legs.

Luckily after giving him some formula and a warm bed to sleep in, the kitten whom they named Max, pulled through the first 24 hours.

Fighting spirit

Max started to put on weight through syringe feeding but the first three weeks of his life were touch and go.

Max had a fighting spirit but was still very fragile, he continued to eat to his heart’s content and cling to his human family.

The newborn kitten managed to figure out how to groom his coat on his own and grow a little belly. At almost 4 weeks old, Max crossed the one-pound mark.

He progressed to a playpen where he could exercise his legs and learn to walk. It wasn’t long before Max realized that the bed was his favorite spot in the house.

Max is a purr box and loves to play with whoever will play with him, including the family dog. He is quite the miracle kitten.

The pint-sized kitten has flourished into a playful, loveable, curious, young tabby. He is learning to run, pounce in the yard, and explore everything he encounters.

The family adores Max, and he is the sweetest little nap buddy. This affectionate kitten showers everyone in the house with snuggles.

Wrap up

Max, the miracle kitten, was rescued in the most extraordinary circumstances. A man with an ear to hear and a cat with a fighting spirit beat the odds and found each other.

Working together, this newborn kitten learned to not only survive but thrive. Now Max has a second chance to start his life with a loving family that cherishes and loves him to the moon and back.

You can follow Max and his journey on Instagram. Share this story with a friend.

Did this story resonate with you? Do you believe in miracles?

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