This refined kitty demands to have his own cat-puccino every morning

Vinny the British short-hair, is a cat of refined tastes and he has taken to demanding a frothy cup of cat-puccino from his owner every morning.

This ritual began one day when Vinny’s owner Jackie was enjoying a frothy-topped cappuccino and the mischievous cat suddenly honed in the caffeinated beverage.

The froth-thief

Jackie told The DoDo that she was innocently enjoying her morning coffee when Vinny suddenly decided that its frothy-topping was too appealing to resist, she explained:

“I had my cup of coffee on the desk with the fluffy milk on top of it, and he just came along and stuck his nose in it!”

Jackie quickly realized that Vinny had fallen head over heels in love with the fluffy milk on top of her coffee, but there was a big problem: cappuccino is not for cats!

A cat-friendly solution

Even though Vinny had proven that he was not a fan of the coffee portion of Jackie’s cappuccino and was simply after the fluffy milk on top, even that was still not safe for the kitty to consume.

Cow’s milk is now known to cause considerable health issues for cats and owners are advised against giving it to their kitties. 

Aware of the danger that her milk posed to her curious cat, Jackie sought a cat-friendly solution so that Vinny could have a morning beverage of his own.

She explained the alternative she came up with, saying:

“So I decided I would make it safe for his tummy and use proper cat milk. I just got some cat milk and put that in the milk frother and he absolutely loved it!”

A cat-puccino a day 

And so, a daily ritual began; Jackie would come down to the kitchen every morning to find her gray cat sitting next to the coffee machine, awaiting his barista’s arrival so that he could start the day with a frothy beverage.

Wanting to emulate the true morning coffee experience for Vinny, Jackie serves him his cat-puccino in a small glass cup with an ornate metal handle.

The elegant kitty then swipes at the creamy topping and licks it from his paw.

I want one!

Vinny however, is not an only child, and his morning routine of enjoying a frothy beverage has caused his little kitten brother Mortimer much jealousy.

Unfortunately, as Jackie explains in the video for The DoDo, Mortimer is not yet old enough to enjoy cat milk, she says:

“But Mortimer is still quite young, I’ve not given him a proper cat-puccino yet, when he’s older he can definitely have one with Vinny.”

Vinny, Jackie explains, is not very understanding of his younger brother’s plight and often seems to taunt Mortimer as he enjoys his morning cat-puccino.

The adventures of a cat-puccino-loving cat

Vinny has his own adorable Instagram account, where the cheeky little Mortimer also makes an appearance!

So you can keep up with the two brothers’ coffee-themed adventures, and be able to see if little Morty ever gets a cat-puccino of his own!

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