Three cats wearing sweaters sitting on a gate.

These three intrepid kitties travel the world with their owner

Spongecake, Donut, and Mocha are three adventurous cats who have become world travelers. Dan Nguyen, the cats’ owner, began documenting their urban adventures and posting them on the social network TikTok. New Yorker Dan and his wife Olivia enjoy traveling, they are nomads at heart, having visited the US, Europe, and Asia. Besides exploring new … Read more

A gray cat dips his paw into a frothy coffee.

This refined kitty demands to have his own cat-puccino every morning

Vinny the British short-hair, is a cat of refined tastes and he has taken to demanding a frothy cup of cat-puccino from his owner every morning. This ritual began one day when Vinny‚Äôs owner Jackie was enjoying a frothy-topped cappuccino and the mischievous cat suddenly honed in the caffeinated beverage. The froth-thief Jackie told The … Read more