Pinocchio was born with countless health issues – but his rescuers refuse to give up on him

Pinocchio was brought into the Friends For Life Rescue Network with a lot of medical issues.

He had an umbilical hernia, a cross bite that caused his canines to poke into his jaw, and a deformed nose.

Not only was he dealing with these congenital conditions, but he was also malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with fleas. But at least those could be attended to quite quickly.

His congenital problems would need more expert care.

Luckily, he was in the best place he could be because those at the Friends For Life Rescue Network were determined to give this little guy a healthy, happy life.

A white and gray kitten with a crossbite.
How could anyone not fall in love with this sweet little guy? Pic credit: @fflrescuenetwork/Instagram.

Journey to recovery

The first step in Pinocchio’s long road to recovery was to get scans of his skull and abdomen so that his vets could see exactly what they were dealing with.

Along with the umbilical hernia, he had some cranial abnormalities. But nothing could be done yet to intervene in either of these issues because Pinocchio was too small to operate on.

The center found Pinocchio an amazing foster home with a foster mom and dad who made sure he had everything he needed.

There he would get big and strong and ready for surgery.

Unfortunatly as he grew, more problems arose and emergency surgery was required to remove the umbilical hernia.

A kitten in a Superman vest lying on his side.
His foster mom and the staff at the vets always made helped the kitten feel safe during scary times. Pic credit: @pinocchioswish/Instagram.

But Pinocchio showed his strength and pulled through, making an excellent recovery.

Keeping on

When Pinocchio was all recovered from his hernia surgery, the next thing to tackle was his emerging adult teeth.

Gray and white kitten with adult teeth poking into his upper lip.
Pinocchio had a bad dose of teething pain before he got his canines taken out. Pic credit: @pinocchioswish/Instagram.
A gray and white kitten laying down holding a person's hand.
Much happier now that those pesky teeth weren’t hurting him anymore. Pic credit: @pinocchioswish/Instagram.

Unfortunately, after the surgery to remove his problematic teeth he developed panleukopenia, a virus with a high mortality rate.

But again, Pinocchio showed what an incredible little survivor he is and recovered from the virus, it turns out that Pinocchio is a bit of a miracle cat, beating the odds every step of the way.

This is due not only to his great spirit but his amazing foster parents who take care of him every step of the way.

Despite Pinocchio’s medical issues they have never hesitated to do all they can for him and he is alive today because of them. It’s beautiful to see people who fight so hard for small vulnerable lives.

No matter what happens next, Pinocchio has been given the best start under their care!

A gray and white kitten wearing sunglasses and a jacket
Pinocchio is spoiled by his foster parents and rightly so! Pic credit: @pinocchioswish/Instagram.
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