Cat steals milk during live prayer

After interrupting the Dean of Canterbury’s morning service in a video, a cathedral cat went viral. This puss got excited when he spotted a jar of milk nearby.

He then decided to take a sip of the precious liquid while his master was in the middle of a mass.  Worse (or better for us!), the disruption was broadcast live by a camera crew. This feline definitely registered himself on the naughty list that day.

In 2020, the Covid pandemic forced everyone to make a few adjustments to their routines. The lockdown in the UK meant that churches could no longer welcome worshippers to their masses. Subsequently, many parishes started to deliver sermons remotely to the benefit of their members. Canterbury Cathedral, located in the South-East of England, was one of them.

The call of the milk jug

On July 7, 2020, Dr. Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury, was performing a live transmission while sitting in the park of the famous Canterbury Cathedral. The beautiful setting had a small side table with a tea set.

As the dean was preaching, he was quickly joined by Tiger, one of the four resident felines of the cathedral. In the beginning, like an altar boy, the church cat sat quietly on a chair near the least until he noticed a glass of milk in the tea set. Tiger was no longer concerned with his master, the camera crew, or anyone else for that matter.

These clerical cats are up to no good

The sneaky tomcat climbed onto the table to sniff the milk, realizing that he couldn’t possibly fit his entire mug in the jug, the puss dipped his paw in it and licked the collected milk.

He repeated this move until the dean finally took notice of his naughty feline. But far from scolding him, Dr. Willis gave him a nice stroke apologizing to the audience for the intrusion. It’s hard to blame the preacher, this thief is so endearing.

Tiger is not the only troublemaker at Canterbury. His roommates are no better.

During a prayer, another mischievous cat, called Leo, slipped under the reverend Willis’ robe. The dark cloth conveniently concealed Leo’s black fur as he walked right into the folds. Despite the interruption, the Dean of Canterbury somehow maintained his composure and finished his sermon.

Leo’s impromptu appearance was posted by the cathedral on its Twitter account with a sweet comment.

As expected, the video of Leo’s mischief was reshared on countless channels and ended up on the news. Way to steal the show, Leo!

Between Leo and Tiger, Dean Willis has his work cut out for him.

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