This ‘sad and scruffy’ shelter cat was given a wonderful new life

In a heartwarming story recently reported by The DoDo, a couple looking to adopt a senior cat on New Zealand’s SPCA website stumbled upon a sad scruffy tabby cat named Tuggly. The moment they saw his picture, they knew he was the one.

Katherine Meara and her boyfriend were looking to save a senior cat from shelter life.

Based on the SPCA website photo, Tuggly appeared to be at least ten years old. However, to the couple’s surprise, they discovered that this tabby cat was only five years old.

Because he had been through so much, by the time he arrived at the SPCA he looked much older, he had been living as a stray in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A scruffy tabby cat in a cage.
Tuggly lived a hard life living on the streets Pic credit:

He had severe cuts around his neck due to his past life on the streets and Tuggly was also very timid and confused. Due to his experiences, he exhibited aggressive behavior and often acted out.

Despite this fact, the couple was determined and unfazed and they adopted him anyhow.

Home sweet home

When Tuggly arrived at his new home, he felt nervous yet curious to explore his new surroundings. His new parents did their best to learn what he needed and accommodate him the best they could.

Because he was malnourished and a stray for so long, Tuggly behaved aggressively regarding food and mealtimes. Once the couple installed an automatic feeder, the behavior improved over the course of a week or so.

The couple realized that shelter cats that come into a new home need time to adjust.

A brown tabby cat sitting on tree trunk stump.
No longer malnourished, Tuggly is well fed at home. Pic credit:

Time heals

After a few weeks in his new comfortable, safe space, Tuggly completely transformed. With much love, care and attention, this former scruffy shelter cat looks completely different.

Tuggly no longer has an aggressive bone in his body, his weight has increased, and his cheeks have filled out.

The couple now calls him their “big floofly boy.”

Since the couple has a child-free home, Tuggly is the ‘prince’ of the household and enjoys spending time with them in everything they do.

From curling up next to the fireplace to chasing butterflies in the summertime, Tuggly has found peace and happiness with his parents in his forever home.

Never underestimate the impactful power of investing time, patience, and love.

Brown tabby cat sleeping in bed.
Tuggly sleeps comfortably in his forever home. Pic credit:

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