This clever owner created a game to entertain her cat during the summer heat

As temperatures keep rising, pets are trying to survive the boiling heat. During this scorching summer, a creative owner has found an intelligent way to entertain and cool down his cat using home appliances.

The video showing a cat’s reaction to the imaginative game has been shared on Reddit.

Summer 2022 kicked off with a devastating heat wave. Extreme heat waves have been hitting several parts of the United States, Europe, and China over the past few weeks, putting lives in danger, and elevating the risk of wildfires.

Hence, the melting temperatures are pushing the capabilities of power networks to their breaking point.

In the current climate, pet owners have the double responsibility of finding solutions to keep their living quarters fresh and entertain their furry companions. After all, it’s vacation season.

A cat owner and Reddit user who goes by the alias @sysisphus faced this issue. Thus, the woman decided to kill two birds with one stone.

Taking advantage of items readily available at home, @sysisphus installed a fun little cat game. Firstly, the owner made long bands of toilet paper; then, she attached those strips to the rotating blades of a fan hanging on the bedroom’s ceiling.

As soon as she finished the DIY project, the cat’s mom presented the finished result to her puss. Then @sysisphus recorded her cat’s reaction to the new homemade attraction.

The internet loves the clever cat game

The video posted on the subreddit AnimalsBeingDerps is guaranteed to leave you grinning from ear to ear.  Its caption simply reads, “Midnight Shenanigans.”

The video begins with a shot of a person standing on a bed while attaching bits of toilet paper to the blades of a fan. An adorable cat is watching the scene, intrigued.

Once everything is set, the woman turns on the fan, and the moggy’s attention is quickly drawn to the moving paper. Have a look at the video to see what happens next!

Since it was first uploaded on July 21st the footage has amassed more than twenty-eight thousand upvotes, and the numbers continue to rise steadily. Reddit users have also left various comments in response to the video.

Many comments found the cat game imaginative and easy to replicate for any pet. @Thepetoctopus wrote:

“I’m going to have to try this. I’m recovering from surgery and can’t play with my babies like normal. The laser pointer isn’t good enough.”

Similarly, @jbirdasaurus asked:

“Think this will work for my German shepherd?”

To conclude, user @bigjessicakes let her plans known, stating:

“Using this video as part of my campaign to my fiancĂ© to buy a kitty.”

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