A woman spoils her three Sphynx cats and makes no excuses for it!

A cat owner who pampers her three cats has revealed that each has a little piece of furniture in her home, including a vintage chaise lounge that they enjoy relaxing on.

Sally St Rose is a graphic designer who resides in Virginia, USA, with her three pets: Georgey, Lincoln Log, and Raymond, all three are rescue animals.

The thirty-three-year-old woman considers her cats to be distinguished gentlemen able to perform stunts like sitting and high-fiving.

Georgey, Lincoln Log, and Raymond are Sphynx cats.  According to the Mirror, Sally fell in love with the breed while working at an animal shelter.

She describes her companions as affectionate creatures, stating:

“I have a very close link with them, they want to be cuddled, and they live on human touch. The Velcro kitties are what I call them”

Spoiled Sphynx cats

Furthermore, Sally spares no effort to make her kitties comfortable. From buying antique furniture to designing upholstery, nothing is off limits. The graphic designer explained:

“When I was at an antique store, I came across this really small vintage chaise lounge, but I knew I didn’t need it, so I left it, but I then went back and bought it for the cats; they all sat on it straight away.”

Later, Sally returned to the store and acquired a tiny chair, to which her puss Lincoln gave his seal of approval. Those felines have a fancy taste!

Sally appreciated the assortment created by her carved wood furniture purchased in yard sales and street fairs and the “cat furniture.”

Additionally, the cat owner didn’t stop at chairs. As she previously learned how to sew, Sally created an oversized Elizabethan collar for her felines to wear while they eat and drink.

She set up particular sleeping areas filled with soft covers for her cats. Sally continued:

“They even have their own bedroom at home, but I’ve also created little nooks around the house where the sun comes through as they absolutely love the sun,”

With her three hairless moggies, Sally says caring for them is a full-time job, as they all have “various medical concerns” that require attention and the daily upkeep of looking after them.

She stated:

“Since they lack fur, they become extremely oily and dirty and must be bathed regularly. These things require a lot of maintenance, but I adore them because of their brown buildup.”

A committed owner

Sally admits to treating her furry companions like royalty because the spoiled cats provide her with a lot of happiness, so she tries to return the favor.

One person who didn’t initially share Sally’s inclination for cats was her husband. But Sally let him know the sphynx cats were non-negotiable. Eventually, he, too, fell in love with them.

The owner intends to keep spoiling her cats even though she knows the high financial cost. Sally concluded:

“If I didn’t have them, I would have a nice savings account, but I wouldn’t have the joy they bring me.”

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