This sassy cat gets adopted one day after a witty post about his availability for adoption goes viral on Facebook

Meet the cat with a lot of extra sass and spice – Spicy Chicken Nugget. In a viral Facebook post, this crafty feline garnered the attention of thousands of followers of the Humane Society of Harlingen.

He ended up getting adopted in record time.

Meet Spicy Chicken Nugget

On July 17th, a cleverly crafted post informing locals of Spicy Chicken Nugget’s availability went public. The shockingly witty and humourous post laid out all of the cat’s demands.

With all that attitude and pizzazz, it’s no wonder his plea for finding a forever home was answered so quickly. Surely his good looks only added to his amusing charm. 

The Facebook post has received more than 2,700 likes and over 1,000 shares.

Below is the Facebook post sharing Spicy Chicken Nugget’s attitude and flare for the dramatic. He certainly got his point across as you can see in the Facebook post below.

The post received plenty of attention and reaction from entertained animal lovers on Facebook.

Viewer reactions

Here are a few comments from amused readers of the post.

“Aren’t We All a little ‘Spicy Nuggets too’. My kind of 4-legged buddy.” – Cecilia Sandoval

“Best narrative ever! Hilarious – great job!” – LouAnn McCullough Falcon

“This post is Awesome Hope you get your furever home Taz” – Mary Mckeil Quirion

“Spicy Chicken nugget fits that cutie perfectly.”- Amanzie KS Davis

Sassy cat finds his match.

All that catitude didn’t intimidate one woman who adopted Spicy Chicken Nugget the next day. The self-proclaimed non-cat person with the profile name Nicole Christine Armijo, discovered this snarky cat’s post online the day prior. 

The entire tone and delivery of the post resonated with her so much, she said, 

“I saw his picture while newsfeed scrolling and thought to myself, “THIS would be the cat for me”…then I saw him shared again and realized he was up for adoption! Long story, shortened a little bit…I went to the Humane Society of Harlingen today to bring this hating-little-lover home!!!”

Spicy Chicken Nugget’s new owner has two other rescues and a gecko at home. Surely, he’ll have a house full of interesting beings to snark at and be annoyed by. 

At least everyone can do so together. 

Wrap up.

A witty social media post turned viral for a snarky cat with a lot of spice and sass. The comical post garnered the attention of thousands in the process. 

The humourous post turned out to be a blessing for one pet owner who appreciated this feline’s cattitude. Now, this spicy feline has the opportunity to share his sassy attitude with his perfect human and make long-lasting memories.

If you want to learn more about the Human Society of Harlingen, you can visit their website.

What did you think of this sassy cat and his call to action? Did this adoption post make you laugh? 

Share your thoughts and leave a comment. Please share this story with a friend to brighten their day.

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