This special rescue cat found his forever home and met his best friend – a dog

William the cat was found as a stray when he was only seven weeks old.

He wasn’t in the best shape, he had fleas, worms, and an upper respiratory infection which meant he needed extra care.

Thankfully, he was brought to a shelter, and soon transferred to a foster home when a volunteer led rescue called Faithful Friends Pet Rescue in Florida, USA, took up his cause.

The foster home he went to was that of a shelter veterinarian, so he was in good hands.

And although his fosterer did not plan on adopting him, that soon changed.

Black and white kitten with 'smushed' face wearing a yellow collar
William was so adorable as a kitten! Pic credit: @william_thecat/Instagram.

Best friends

William’s fosterer only planned on fostering him in part because she already had a dog – a brown rescue pitbull named Cora.

Cora never had any problems with the other cats her owner had fostered in the past, but it remained to be seen if William would warm up to her.

But as soon as William met Cora, she decided that she was going to be his best friend for life!

Black and white kitten cuddled next to brown pitbull
William wasn’t going anywhere Cora wasn’t going to be! Pic credit: @william_thecat/Instagram.

And it was this beautiful friendship that made William’s foster mom turn into his forever mom.

After seeing how much William and Cora loved each other she couldn’t bear to separate them.

Black and white cat sleeping on her pitbull best friends' head
The duo can always be found cuddled up like this. Pic credit: @william_thecat/Instagram.

The fostered becomes a fosterer

After William was officially adopted, his owner soon brought home more animals that needed a good foster home.

And again, William proved he was the perfect animal companion by being a great help with the new fosters!

Whether they were canines or felines, William took Cora’s lead and together the duo became the best ‘babysitting’ team.

Black and white long haired kitten laying in front of a brown pitbull who is resting her head on top of a black and white cat.
This foster kitten was in great ‘paws’ with William and Cora looking out for him! Pic credit: @william_thecat/Instagram.

William is a great mentor for all the young cats and kittens that come through, making sure they know how to stay properly groomed.

All the animals that are fostered at William and Cora’s forever home are certainly very lucky to have such loving babysitters.

William has gone from a stray living outside, to a temporary foster, to a fosterer himself in his forever home!

It just goes to show the love that cats have to give when given the chance.

Black and white cat curled up asleep on a cat bed.
He seems to be enjoying his new life. Pic credit: @william_thecat/Instagram.
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