Sirius is the Happy Cat

Meet Sirius aka Happy Cat, whose markings grant him a perpetual smile

Years ago, the late Grumpy Cat took over the internet and became a meme. Of course, everyone remembers the cat for his eternally annoyed but funny expression. If Grumpy Cat had a nemesis twin, it would definitely be a tuxedo cat named Sirius. Sirius was ten months old when his owners adopted him in October … Read more

This special rescue cat found his forever home and met his best friend – a dog

William the cat was found as a stray when he was only seven weeks old. He wasn’t in the best shape, he had fleas, worms, and an upper respiratory infection which meant he needed extra care. Thankfully, he was brought to a shelter, and soon transferred to a foster home when a volunteer led rescue … Read more

This ‘meow-del’ uses his good looks to promote the adoption of black cats

Rover the cat was adopted by Angelina Kayyalaynen after she saw a picture of him on the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society‘s adoption site and immediately fell in love. According to PetsRadar she named him Rover after the iconic Land Rover Range Rover because she planned on taking Rover with her on her outdoor adventures. … Read more

A tortoiseshell cat looks at the camera.

Queen Lily is a 23-year-old calico beauty, who still lives with her owner who adopted her when he was 11

Reece Alexander-Putinas has had his senior cat Lily since his family adopted her in 1999, for Reece, Queen Lily is his soulmate. She has been by his side since he was 11 years old. They have been together through all of life’s ups and downs and are each other’s, constant companions. The royal treatment It’s … Read more

A tabby cat stares past the camera.

Nala the street cat found her Simba – and got a happy ending worthy of a Disney movie

Nala the street cat was found cold and starving on a kind woman’s doorstep in 2018. The woman, Michelle, immediately brought the cat to a shelter thinking Nala would be cared for. Unfortunately, she realized after Nala was taken in that it was a kill shelter. Upon discovering this, Michelle worked tirelessly to get Nala … Read more

An image of a cat with her back turned, and one of her turning her head.

Cat has a hilarious reaction when her owners rearrange the furniture

Before rearranging some furniture for spring cleaning, Chrissy’s owners should have asked for her permission first. Instead, the cat disagreed and found a way to share her feelings. Christina – Chrissy to her friends – decided to sulk for a good reason, she wanted her parents to keep their paws off her stuff. Her owners … Read more