Pictures of ‘two-headed’ kitten make Facebook users double-check

An animal shelter has published a message which has netizens reasonably confused. Since Jackson County Animal Shelter’s Facebook wrote about a “two-headed cat” on Friday afternoon, the post has been a topic of debate.

We are all aware that cats come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they might even be as unusual as this puss with two noses. Still, the Jackson County shelter in Michigan spooked readers with its latest publication.

On August 18 at 8 pm, the shelter shared on social media a picture with the following message:

” 🚨 RARE FIND 🚨. Adopt this 2 headed cat, and you get a great deal! Only $80!!! Double love đź’• Sour Cream & Onion are ready to go home today!”

In the image, a kitten who appears to have two heads is resting on a blue velvet pillow. His two front legs are lazily stretched in front of him.

The head-scratching pic was Lydia Satter’s idea. The shelter’s head of animal care just wanted to pull her audience’ leg for a bit.

Yet, she didn’t expect the post to garner so much buzz. Clearly, this woman underestimated the power of kittens and social media.

Her post was an instant draw. Thousand of people really bought into the prank, hopping on the shelter’s page to see this unsettling animal.

 Sattler said:

 “They were so cute and nestled together they may as well have been one cat. I expected it to be controversial, but I was unprepared for the level of interest it generated.”

Not a two-headed kitten after all

Initially, some readers were fooled by the cat’s apparent dual heads before realizing their mistake.

Rosemary Kentsley wrote on Facebook:

“So glad it’s not a cat with 2 heads. I felt so sorry for her when I saw the photo.”

Observant viewers who spotted the deception mocked their fellow users’ ignorance, pointing out that two cats were actually stacked on top of each other.

Indeed, a closer look at the image reveals extra paws poking out underneath the first cat.

Commenter Sandra Vanessa mused:

“Gracious. I can’t believe people actually think this is a two-headed cat….”

Nonetheless, the employees at the shelter found the comments humorous and were happy that visitors had a good time as a result.

According to Sattler, few were disappointed to learn it wasn’t genuine, but most got the joke and had fun with it. On the same occasion, four months old kittens Sour Cream and Onion received some media coverage.

Hopefully, the ensuing attention will lead to their adoption. Both kittens are described as very kind and friendly.

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