Cooter the talking cat and his hilarious owner reach 7 million followers on TikTok

Cooter the talking cat and his owner, Mason Glasco, are an inseparable duo that have been delighting their followers on TikTok for years with their hilarious videos of their conversations. Now they have over 7 million followers.

Cooter the talking cat

Cooter and Mason began their TikTok journey together in early 2020 when Mason posted his first video starring Cooter. In the video, Mason prompts Cooter to say “one, two, three,” and the cat responds with three meows.

Cooter is clearly a cat with the gift for speech. He can answer questions as if he understands what Mason is saying. His meows may not always sound like words to us, but Mason translates everything perfectly.

Mason is also an expert at deciphering his own laughs and wheezes in response to the things that Cooter says. Their followers really feel like they’re watching a conversation between the two. 

Cooter isn’t always the best at talking. He can be very “crispy,” which is Mason’s way of describing his meows when they won’t come out or aren’t as smooth as usual.

Cooter’s personality

Some more things that Cooter and Mason’s followers know is that Cooter is a chunky cat who loves food and can be very lazy, stinky, and sassy.

Cooter’s laziness is evident in videos where Mason asks him what he has done all day, and he responds with meows that sound a lot like “Nothing.” Mason also asks Cooter to do chores, and the cat flatly refuses. But this isn’t really his fault, since most cats can’t do human chores.

Mason also talks to Cooter about how stinky he is. He has several funny phrases for Cooter, saying that he looks like a “dusty chinchilla” or that he “smells like beef.” Sometimes Cooter seems offended when he is called out on his stench, but other times he matter-of-factly explains to Mason that he stinks because he has gotten into the trash.

Another fun thing that Mason does with Cooter is rate his “sturdiness,” with categories including how “chonky” Cooter is, how nice his appearance and fur are, how well he talks (no crispiness), and how well he responds to being “summoned.”

Cooter and Mason’s story

In one TikTok, Mason tells the story of how he first adopted Cooter. In May 2013, fourteen-year-old Mason was on his way to a school award ceremony when he heard a sound coming from a cornfield. He says:

“I followed the sound and found this tiny, shriveled up, half-dead kitten, which was this guy [Cooter], and another kitten that was gray that had already passed.”

It appeared that Cooter had been separated from his mother. Mason knew he needed to help the kitten.

“So I took him inside, got him cleaned up. We went and got kitten formula, and I bottle-fed him. I begged my parents to let me keep him. They said no, but I kept him anyways, because I get what I want.”

Years later, Cooter and Mason’s 7 million fans are so glad that he kept the kitten. They love to see the duo in action and couldn’t imagine a world without them.

It’s clear that Cooter and Mason are glad too. Despite how much they tease each other in their videos, they clearly have a deep bond that can’t be replaced.

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