This young kitten was freed from a car engine in a delicate rescue

In a miraculous YouTube video posted on October 24th, a team of animal lovers came together to rescue a kitten trapped in a car engine.

In the video, Eldad of Hope for Paws noted they received an urgent communication from Rene Ruston of START Rescue. A man had unknowingly driven his Kia vehicle for miles with a kitten inside the engine.

Two rescue volunteers, Nico and Karim, went to a KIA dealership to ask for help. The video footage showed the volunteers and two mechanics, Derek and Gilbert, coming together for a common cause- kitten rescue.

Kitten rescue

In a shopping complex parking lot, the team prepared for the rescue and used gates as a barrier perimeter around the vehicle to prevent the kitten from escaping once freed.

The team went to work using their car expertise and their love of kittens. The men used their tools to spot the cat and helped safely free it from the engine.

Relieved and overjoyed, the team and surrounding spectators cheered for the heroes.

The tiny calico cat rescued from the car engine received the name, Kia. The kitten felt scared and anxious but safe.

After traveling many miles, the cat needed to receive a wash. One of the rescuers cleaned up the adorable kitten with a warm bath.

Luckily, Kia had no injuries and did not take long before behaving like a normal playful kitten.

Happy ending

Kia survived an extraordinary ordeal trapped in the engine of a car. It’s a miracle she did not suffer injuries.

Kia’s luck did not run out as she also found her new forever home. One of the mechanics who helped in the rescue effort adopted the young kitten.

New cat dad Derek and Kia are doing fine. She’s got a nice warm place to lay her head now.

Followers of Hope for Paws expressed their happiness for Kia online.

One commenter stated, “So glad he adopted her! She’s adorable! Hope they have a wonderful life together.”

And another viewer remarked, “So glad Kia got a loving home with one of his rescue helpers!”

Learn more

Visit the Hope for Paws website to learn more about their mission and rescue efforts. Additionally, you can get updates on Kia and the other animals featured by following the organization on their Instagram page.

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