This talented cat plays Cards Against Humanity with her owner

Have you ever played card games with your cat? This cat owner discovered that his cat could play “Cards Against Humanity” with him, and they’ve been entertaining their followers on social media with their games ever since.

Picking cards

Noelle is an adorable cat who loves to “bap” things with her paws. One day about two years ago, her owner decided to test her bapping skills and see if she would play “Cards Against Humanity” with him.

In this game, you draw a card with an incomplete phrase that the other player completes by picking a card of their own. It results in funny and often controversial responses.

Noelle’s owner learned that he could lay out a few cards in front of her. Once he had read the phrase that needed to be completed, she would bap the card she wanted to choose.

A dark sense of humor

Noelle may look like a very sweet cat, but her answers often take a dark turn. For example, she once had to complete the question, “What makes life worth living?”

She could have responded with anything, maybe cat treats or toys, since cats love those so much. Instead, she chose a card that said, “Murder.” Yikes! That’s pretty dark, kitty.

As one of the commenters on the video on Instagram pointed out:

“That sounds so cat.”


They have a point. Cats are natural hunters, and they like to attack and play with anything that moves. So maybe this wasn’t as terrifying an answer as we thought.

But Noelle continues to prove her twisted sense of humor in her other videos.

Controversial but funny

The cards that Noelle picks are sometimes very controversial, but that’s just the nature of the game. She even uses her card picking skills to insult her owner.

Although some people could get offended if this game was serious, many of Noelle’s followers find it hilarious that the cat can pick such terrible cards when she’s playing this game. One commenter said:

“This cat picks funnier cards than me.”


New cards, same results

Sometimes Noelle’s owner tries other games with Noelle that are very similar, like “Over-Rated,” a card game where you pick a review to match with a location. Noelle also uses her dark humor when she plays these games.

For example, one time she had to pick a card to review an orphanage. She picked a card with very little hesitation, and her owner turned it over, dreading what it might be. Sure enough, it was pretty terrible.

Cool kitty

Noelle may have a sense of humor that makes us question if she’s alright or if there’s something wrong with her. But really, she’s a very talented kitty.

She always waits for her owner to finish the question before picking a card, and she walks away afterward as if she knows that her work there is done. She’s one cool, card-playing kitty!

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