TikToker finds her three-day missing cat trapped inside a drywall

A woman whose cat went missing for days didn’t realize the pet was already home. The kitten hadn’t fled or gotten lost; he was trapped.

The pet owner, who has just finished renovating her bathroom, was horrified when she discovered that her cat was stuck inside the wall.

Ashlin Hadden, @AshlinHadden on TikTok, recently shared a video on the platform that revealed her terrible ordeal.

The single mother had gone on a business trip for a few days. Taking advantage of the house’s emptiness, Ashlin hired a contractor to freshen up her bathroom during her absence.

Thus, the worker pulled out the bathtub and installed a new showerhead as planned. Upon her return, Ashlin was satisfied with her new bath.

Yet, something was still amiss in the house.  The homeowner had not seen her pet cat since her return from the trip.

The cat’s absence lasted three days, making Ashlin worry about the feline’s condition. Then she heard a noise.

In her TikTok video, which has amassed over 2.5 million views at this point, Ashlin zooms on the renovated bathroom as she narrates the following:

” As I’m sitting here trying to figure out where my cat is, I can hear the cat crying from somewhere in here.”

Ashlin was now certain her cat was trapped in the bathroom. She assumed that the cat slipped inside when the workers removed the old bathtub and cut the wall to install the new shower.

To solve the issue, Ashlin finally had to punch a hole in the wall. Once the wall was breached, a plump tabby cat emerged from the opening.

An angry Ashlin lashed out in her video,

” The contractor — these stupid ass contractors — drywalled my cat into the drywall underneath the bathtub. The story of my life.”

The woman was furious that her poor kitty had remained locked there for three days, stuck underneath the drywall.

On Tiktok, a few commenters sympathized with the cat owner. However, many viewers didn’t share Ashlin’s opinion regarding the contractor.

The story gets mixed reactions

In a reversal of the situation, people sided with the contractor, blaming Ashlin. They claimed that she should have hired a cat sitter to take care of the animal while she was away from home.

@Bunter Hiden wrote

“I have seen this happen before. It’s not the contractor’s fault; it’s yours.”

@appleuser94677325 added:

“Nah, that’s on you.”

Ashlin later revealed that she had informed the contractor about the cat’s presence. Besides, she had locked the bedroom and bathroom doors to prevent the cat from intruding.

If people were still divided about whom to blame for this mishap, the story still had a happy ending. Finally, Ashlin’s cat was out of his concrete prison.

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