Tinky and Honey are a stunning cat model duo

Tinky and Honey are a cat sister and brother, who also happen to be Instagram cat models. They advertise different brands of their favorite cat care products, and they do it with so much style!

Meet Tinky and Honey

Before they were a duo, there was just Honey. He is an orange tabby cat with beautiful honey-colored eyes, perfect for his name. He loves to play with toy springs, and he is also a natural at modeling.

Several months after he started posting beautiful pictures and advertisements on his Instagram page, he was joined by his baby sister, Tinky

Tinky started out as just a small ball of fluff, but now she has grown into a gorgeous calico kitty with stunning green eyes. She soon joined her brother in representing their favorite products.

The best of the best

Tinky and Honey’s owner is always looking for the best things to spoil her cats, and these are the products that they model for. They are shown playing with their favorite toys, eating their favorite food and treats, using their favorite cat trees, fountains, and beds, and even standing next to their favorite brand of kitty litter.

Calico cat plays with colorful springs
Tinky loves playing with the springs, just like her brother! Pic credit: @lovemycalicokitty/Instagram

Their owner is invested in finding what products will be the most beneficial and healthy for the cats. Sometimes this means leaving behind a cat food or litter brand that they previously endorsed in favor of a better option. No matter what, these cats will only use and represent the best of the best!

Tinky and Honey also use their modeling skills to promote cat health awareness. In a few posts, their owner talks about dental hygiene for cats. In other posts, she talks about her cats’ beautifully groomed coats and how to help them stay maintained and prevent hairballs.

Fun and cuddles

Sometimes Tinky and Honey just like to model for fun. They especially love playing with flowers that are cat-safe, making the sweetest, most beautiful pictures. Although sometimes one sibling messes up the other’s photoshoot. We’re talking about you, Tinky!

When they’re not modeling, Tinky and Honey love to play. They have plenty of toys, including a blue tunnel that they like to run through, jumping out to surprise anyone who is on the other end.

They also enjoy playing with each other. Since Tinky is the little sister, she is usually the one who bugs Honey to play with her, jumping on him until he has no choice but to notice her. When they’re not playing, they’re cuddling together.

Tinky and Honey are the sweetest cat siblings and the most stunning meowdels. We wish them the best of luck in their career, and many amazing treats and toys to come!

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