Side by side pictures of calico cat and orange tabby cat

Tinky and Honey are a stunning cat model duo

Tinky and Honey are a cat sister and brother, who also happen to be Instagram cat models. They advertise different brands of their favorite cat care products, and they do it with so much style! Meet Tinky and Honey Before they were a duo, there was just Honey. He is an orange tabby cat with … Read more

White cat with black spots

Mochi the cat looks like a cow and can transform into anything in his pictures

Mochi is a cat who looks like a cow, as well as many other things. On her Instagram page, his owner likes to have fun taking pictures of him and identifying what other things and animals he reminds her of that day. Meet Mochi Mochi is a black and white male cat who lives in … Read more

White cat with golden eyes looks at camera

This photographer takes gorgeous pictures of Maine Coon cats

Robert Sijka is a photographer who loves taking professional shots of his favorite subject: cats. His personal business is known as the Felis Gallery. This name comes from the Latin word for “cat,” so it’s clear that he’s dedicated to his craft of making these cats come alive through his amazing photos. Let the cats … Read more

siamese cat sticks its tongue out at the camera.

This photographer is dedicated to capturing all the silly and funny expressions of cats!

German photographer Elke Vogelsang is on a mission to capture all of the wonderfully silly and funny expressions that cats can make. Her Instagram page has become a haven for those who love quirky and adorable cat portraits. Vogelsang, a professional portrait photographer with over twenty years of experience is based out of a photography … Read more