Two kittens each suffering from leg deformities became best friends when they met at a shelter

When Tara Kay came across a 6-week-old stray kitten named Millie she knew that the cat would be a perfect fit for her Massachusetts-based rescue; The Odd Cat Sanctuary.

That’s because Millie has an extra long back leg and is missing a foot.

Millie was born with a congenitally deformed back leg that made her left hind leg super long, while her right hind leg is just a stump.

So, she fit the bill of being an “Odd Cat,” which the rescue defines as a “challenged” or “neglected” cat.

These are the kind of kitties that they specialize in helping. Millie was a snuggly and curious cat from the start. She would purr a lot and loved the attention she got from the folks at the sanctuary.

A new home

Kay even told Love Meow that Millie would “scream” for attention and to be held. But they loved her sassiness. Despite Millie’s deformities, she didn’t let that stop her from exploring.

She loved to play, hobble about, and discover what was around her. Millie also liked to make new friends. There were plenty of cats just like her at The Odd Cat Sanctuary.

She got very close to a kitty named Lucy that was born with twisted leg syndrome. Lucy had been bonded with another special needs kitty Ethel that passed away.

Kay told Love Meow:

“Lucy was sad after Ethel didn’t come home, she was happy to have a friend again and accepted Millie right away.”

New friends

These two cuties immediately hit it off. And Lucy was very happy to find a new bestie in Millie. Millie and Lucy absolutely loved to run around and race each other throughout the sanctuary.

All these happy kitties do is play and Kay says that she is awestruck by Millie and Lucy every single day. She explained:

“These girls amaze me. Millie has the most remarkable upper body strength I’ve ever seen, she can climb anything and everything despite having no functional use of her back legs.

Meanwhile, our special Lucy has learned to jump to wherever her little heart desires despite her very twisted legs,”

Kay calls her little girls “miracles.” Her Instagram fans call them “precious princesses” and “gorgeous girls.”

One Instagram commenter remarked:

“I am glad that they are growing,and healthy girls,”

You can say that again! These two cuties are a true inspiration! You can stay connected with Millie and Lucy’s journey on Instagram.

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