Discover the world of kitten ASMR and enjoy the soothing sounds of their purrs and more

YouTube user My Pets ASMR began posting videos with clear audio of their pet rabbit eating various fruits and vegetables two years ago.

The videos garnered views in the tens and twenty thousand, but it wasn’t until they started posting videos of their black kitten that views skyrocketed to 25 million!

The video was a hit and it’s easy to see why. The clean sound of the purring kitten, the noises of him devouring the sausages, is a delight to the ears and eyes, whether you experience ASMR or not.

Brain ‘tingles’

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

The term was coined by a woman who had felt the sensation for years herself and found a growing community of like-minded individuals online that was seeking a word for the phenomenon.

ASMR is a feeling that is described as a relaxing tingling sensation in the brain that can be triggered by certain audio or visual stimuli.

The phenomenon found a perfect medium through YouTube, there are now hundreds of channels devoted to triggering ASMR; videos of hair being brushed, make-up brushes on microphones, etc.

Some people report that only certain sounds work to ‘trigger’ ASMR for them and others report no sensation whatsoever.

However, even if you don’t experience ASMR yourself, preliminary research into the phenomenon is showing that the videos can still help with relaxation and reduce stress.

There is evidence that it can help people sleep, and acts in a similar way to meditating.

Sit back and relax

Many more YouTubers have jumped on to the cat ASMR train, which makes sense considering the Internet’s love for cats.

A video released this year shows a young kitten purring and growling at a tomahawk steak!

You don’t need to experience ASMR to enjoy watching that video, that’s for sure.

And it’s safe that every cat and kitten in these videos are enjoying their feast and is happy to create these adorable sound effects!

Comments on these posts prove that this is ASMR content everyone can get behind. One YouTube commenter by the name of Katie Villa wrote:

me: doesn’t like asmr

youtube: recommends kitty asmr

me: this is great

Whether you are a fan of ASMR or not, watching and hearing these kittens purr, eat, and cuddle is sure to help you relax.

Everyone can benefit from more cute kittens in their life! So the next time you are feeling stressed, try watching some kitten ASMR.

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