Two officers rescued a kitten in Tampa, Florida, that miraculously survived hurricane Ian and found its forever home

Hurricane Ian barreled down on the state of Florida this week, devastating millions of Americans. A small ray of hope shined bright in the city of Tampa when local law enforcement rescued a kitten weathering the storm on its own.

Tampa Police Department went into more detail in their Facebook post.

Two officers traveling the local streets found the cute kitten frightened and alone on Florida Avenue at the height of the storm.

Cat rescue in progress

The patrolling officers coaxed the small kitten into their patrol vehicle. Then, they drove her to the Veterinary Emergency Group to seek immediate care and attention. 

It was a miracle this tiny kitten survived the elements outside during hurricane conditions without succumbing to imminent danger. The officers proved to be the cat’s guardian angels sparing one of her nine lives.

Stroke of good fortune

The miracle cat’s luck did not end there. After arriving at the veterinarian, a family came forward to adopt the rescued kitten and take her home. 

An unexpected surprise

The brave kitten’s new family wanted to name it Ian; after the hurricane’s name, he survived. However, they came up with a new name once they discovered that the cat was not a male but rather a female. 

Welcome home, Stormie

This courageous kitten received the name, Stormie. Her new family has welcomed her with open arms. 

Viewers react

Followers on social media were overjoyed for the courageous kitten. 

Aww, Stormie is a cutie! Thank you, TBD, for rescuing her. Thank you to the family who has adopted her.- Christina Crowder

Aww. Stormie is lucky. Thank you Officers for saving this sweet kitty. Thank you to the family who open their door and hearts to this kitty. May you have many wonderful years together. – Lisa Bingham

Thank God you guys came along to save Stormie.You guys are heroes !!! – Denise Snowhite

kitten with family
Stormie finds her forever home. Pic Credit: @Tampa Police Department/Facebook

Wrap up

The devastating and tumultuous impact of hurricane Ian in Florida has set record-breaking damage to several towns in the area. Fortunately, in the city of Tampa, a glimmer of hope remained as the town avoided the very worst impact of the storm.

A dream came true for a young kitten amid chaos when it received help from two guardian angels wearing police uniforms.

The officers’ compassion and quick action, combined with kitten Stormie’s tenacity, ensured this adorable puss found a safe place to call home forever. 

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