Firefighters rescue a kitten trapped on power pole in Peru

A community in the Peruvian town of La Victoria pulled off a perilous animal rescue. Despite dangerous high-voltage wires in the vicinity, a group of volunteer firefighters managed to free a cat stranded on top of a power pole.

On September 18, 2022, the inhabitants of Jirón Humboldt’s sixth block in La Victoria spotted a distressed tomcat hanging to an electric pylon. Next to the kitty was a web of tangled electric lines, making it tricky for him to escape this trap alone.

Numerous concerned neighbors and shopkeepers raised the alarm at the same time after seeing the animal. However, onlookers were wary of trying anything by themselves due to the proximity of tangled wires and the likelihood of electrocution.

Consequently, they had the appropriate reaction. People rang La Compania de Bomberos Voluntarios, a volunteer fire brigade, to the rescue.

The local fire department dispatched a firetruck to the location as part of the emergency response. Before diving headfirst into the tangled mass of cables, the rescue professionals correctly analyzed the situation.

California 18 reports that one of the men in red came up on a deployed ladder a few steps at a time and gently petted it without any resistance after a little conversation with the cat.

The cat, relieved that someone had finally come to his aid, let the rescuer lift him. Savior and victim made their way back down to ground level without incident.

In addition, there was no collateral damage (human or material) resulting from the perilous maneuver.

The community lauds firefighters for the brave cat rescue

Performing such a problematic rescue with the intended outcome earned the fire brigade the admiration of all residents carefully watching this nerve-wracking rescue. The excited audience gave the team a warm round of applause.

“Long live the firefighters! They save many people and animals!” some witnesses shouted.

It was a well-deserved thank you to the courageous workers who intervened.

Fortunately, the cat, although terrified, suffered no serious injuries. He would be just fine after his awful experience.

His loved ones breathed a sigh of relief the next day when he came home after a short recovery. The fire department later wrote at the end of a Facebook post celebrating the successful rescue of the trapped kitten.

 ” All lives matter. Always at the service of the community,”

We couldn’t agree more. And judging by the public reaction, La Vitoria citizens definitely share this opinion.

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