Cat who enjoys sneaking into school gets yearbook portrait shot on picture day

A curious school-obsessed cat managed to sneak into a class photoshoot. Subsequently, Ziggy made it to the final yearbook of Drury Primary School in Buckley, Flintshire, to the amazement of his owner.

Students Megan and Chloe Roberts were excited to show their mother, Emma results of their school photo shoot. But, if the mom was looking forward to seeing portraits of her daughters in school uniforms, she didn’t expect the third picture inside the sample.

Ginger-and-white puss Ziggy is a fixture at the local school. He’s known to roam the hallway, attend classes, illegally occupy the principal’s desk for a nap, and relax in the playground during recess.

Apparently, he first visited the local elementary school in 2019. Unfortunately, he was led out of the premises after being caught in the cloakroom.

Still, this eviction didn’t dampen Ziggy’s enthusiasm for education. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite.

The tomcat loves exploring the school located ten minutes from the Roberts’ home. Therefore, it is not unusual for pupils and teachers to spot the ginger kitty onsite.

Faced with the cat’s persistence to come back, the school staff eventually caved in. Finally, headmaster Mark Biltcliffe admitted that keeping Ziggy away from school grounds was impossible, so they welcomed him as a student body member.

Biltcliffe said in an interview :

“It’s his second home, I think…We’ve not been looking to have a school cat or dog, really, but he chose us.”

Besides, Biltcliffe finds the feline very nice and jokingly considers Ziggy’s perfect attendance score a model for other students.

A cat portrait in the school’s yearbook

During the school’s yearly photoshoot, Ziggy was around as usual. According to pupils Megan and Chloe, the kitty invited himself to the session.

Without hesitation, Ziggy just jumped on the chair reserved for the photo subjects. The kitten then struck his best pose for a memorable headshot.

To be fair, he is a student, so he deserves to be included.

When Megan and Chloe handed their mother the final photoshoot pictures, the woman had a laughing fit after spotting her cat’s official portrait.

 “He’s just an absolute menace. It was really mixed emotions; it was funny and embarrassing.” Emma Roberts added

Other moms shared Emma’s hilarity. The cat owner ended up posting Ziggy’s yearbook portrait on social media.

As expected, her post was an instant hit with people applauding the school for including the cat pupil in their shoot. Emma Roberts stated she intends to put Ziggy and her daughter’s pics on the mantelpiece.

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