Uno the one-eared cat gets a new little brother

Uno is a one eared cat and a star on TikTok. Even though he’s missing an ear, he has tons of personality, and his fans love him for it. Now he has a new little brother to join him on all his adventures.

Uno’s new sibling is named Dos, and together they’re the perfect match. Their owner, Kat, got Dos in September. Even though Dos is so much smaller than Uno, and Uno has been around longer, they’re already the best of friends.

Finding Uno

Kat first got Uno years ago. According to an interview with helloBark!, Kat was walking home from a baseball game with a friend one night. When she got to her car, a cat meowed at them nearby. When he came into sight, she saw that he was underweight and needed help.

She decided he needed to find a home. If he had one already, she would find his family, but if he didn’t, she would find someone to adopt him. But the first night he stayed in her home, she fell in love with him. She said:

“He slept in my bed and kept putting his paw on my cheek while I was sleeping. Uno stole my heart, and I ended up keeping him.”

A one-eared star

When Kat found Uno, he was already missing one of his ears. She didn’t know how he had lost it, but she didn’t care. He was just as cute as any other cat.

Uno is also a very smart cat who knows how to meow to get what he wants. Kat said:

“He’s trained me to move his cat tree next to the window during the day, and then next to my bed during the night.”

He also has a lot of energy and likes to go on walks. Besides that, he’s a full-time TikTok star. People love to see him and all the antics he gets up to. When asked how Uno feels about being a TikTok star, Kat said:

“Uno enjoys it. I can tell he likes making the videos with me because he can tell it makes me happy. It’s a really fun way for us to bond and learn a lot about each other.”

One of Uno’s videos shows him visiting Petco and trying on Halloween costumes. He’s so chill with trying on all the costumes Kat wants him to, and he looks so great in all of them.


Uno gets a Halloween costume 😻 w/ @thekatcurtis #oneeareduno #blackcats #catmomlife #catperson

♬ original sound – Uno

Uno and Dos

Now Uno has his little brother, Dos, to join him in his videos. They are already very good friends. When they go on walks together in their harnesses, they like to walk right next to each other, so close that their sides are touching.


Uno got a sibling AND he’s going to @CatCon 😻 #catcon #oneeareduno #unoanddos #catsiblings

♬ original sound – Uno

It’s so great that Uno has a brother now. We can’t wait to see what kind of adventures they have together.

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