Tinker cat opens electronic doors to sneak out without permission

A kitten’s door-opening skills have left his owner and the internet dumbfounded. There’s no door able to resist the cat’s magic touch.

Tabby cat Moongshi and his owner reside in a roomy apartment. However, the space is clearly not enough for the moggy, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to escape.

Moongshi’s mistress noticed her cat’s nomadic ways earlier. The woman would go out, leaving the electronic entrance door closed. But upon her return, the door was always open and her pet gone.

This scenario kept repeating, making the woman more confused than ever. After all, the doors were closed during her absence, and so were the windows.

She wondered how the darn cat managed to get out. Only a hidden camera would yield the correct answers.

After placing the suspect in a bathroom equipped with a camera, Moongshi’s mom closed the door to watch the cat’s reaction. She didn’t have to wait long.

Once his human left, the ingenious feline jumped on the door handle and pulled hard. He tried again until the door gave away. In a split second, Moongshi was out.

The kitten then arrived at the electronic entrance door. To open this one, you have to pull the handle to the bottom.

Moongshi struggled a little with the entryway. He jumped and latched onto the handle but couldn’t pull to the needed position.

However, the determined kitty persisted until he got it right. Finally! Nothing could stop his escape anymore; an elated Moongshi snuck out of his apartment for a promenade.

Trying to fix Moongshi

After realizing their cat’s handiness, Moongshi owners tried to find solutions. Because the cat was disappearing at night, he had to be canalized.

To begin with, they applied lemon water on the inside doors to deter the cat. Moongshi’s mom had read that cat couldn’t stand this smell.

Lemon did not affect Moongshi. He still made his way to the entrance. His owners had placed a heavy flowerpot on the other side to block the door.

Still, it was another failure. The kitten had difficulty pushing the door but barely slid it open enough to pass through the resulting gap.

One point for team Moongshi, zero for team owners!

After this episode, Moongshi opted for a different gateway. He started by leaping on a window in the corridor.

A neighbor once posted a picture of the cat waiting by the glass door in the entry hall, asking whose cat it was. The funny thing about this feline was that he didn’t necessarily escape to go far.

Moongshi could exit his apartment to lie down at the bottom of the building staircase. Likewise, he would wait by a glass window, watching the street.

Sensing his boredom, Moongshi’s parents bought him a toy to distract him. The cat was mesmerized by the moving toys for a while before escaping again.

His parents then took him for a walk. But the cat disliked the outdoors, prompting his owners to carry him back to the apartment.

An expert intervenes

After failing to resolve the Moongshi enigma, the desperate cat parents called an animal expert for help. The vet explained to Klub Kritter that the intelligent kitten had just copied his humans’ habit of opening the door.

Moreover, this pet needed a marked territory that was only his and nobody else’s. Thus, they installed a cat tower for him and nose toys to play with when alone.

They also purchased a harness to bring the cat out for walks in the building. The vet recommendations proved fruitful as Moongshi stayed home after his guardians left the apartment.

His mistress was almost tearing up when she found the door closed and her cat peacefully sitting in the living room.

“Such a good boy!” she exclaimed.

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