Who says a cat can’t learn new tricks? This Guinness World Record holding cat can perform 26 moves in under 60 seconds

When thinking of animals performing tricks, oftentimes, dogs are the first species to come to mind. However, this special feline is breaking stereotypes and records while performing tricks in the process.

Meet Alexis!

In an extraordinary video posted on YouTube last year, cat owner Anika Moritz of Austria and her talented cat, Alexis, set a new Guinness World Record. Her smarty cat Alexis set the record for the most tricks performed by a cat in sixty seconds. 

Anika has had Alexis since she was a kitten. The talented feline has a nice temperament, is trusting, likes to cuddle, and is one of a kind. 

Anika began training her when she was about three months old. Anika and her cat share a passion for performing tricks.

Alexis proved to be a quick learner. Having a desire to prove how amazing cats are, Anika felt motivated to set a new record.

Cats are not dumb and can learn to perform tricks with proper training. Anika trained her cat using positive reinforcement and a clicker.

Alexis received a treat or positive feedback after every trick. After much patience, training, and hard work, Alexis and her owner were ready to set a new record.   

Guinness World Record

Alexis achieved an astounding twenty-six tricks and set a new Guinness World Record. Take a look at her in action!

According to Guinness World Records, here are all the tricks that Alexis achieved in 60 seconds:

  1. Herum (go around the legs)
  2. Durch (weave through legs)
  3. Voran (go onto red carpet)
  4. Turn (180 degree turn to the left)
  5. Sitzen (sit)
  6. Teppich ausrollen (roll out red carpet)
  7. High five right
  8. Winken (wave with right paw)
  9. Shake (shake head)
  10. High five left
  11. Andere (left paw)
  12. Winken links (wave left paw)
  13. Muede (touch nose with left paw)
  14. Schau links (look left)
  15. Schau rechts (look right)
  16. Hands up
  17. Wave with hands up
  18. High ten
  19. Cross (cross left paw while sitting)
  20. Glocke (ring/touch bell with paw)
  21. Target touch (touch target with nose)
  22. Nimm (pull on string to open box)
  23. Zurueck (go back)
  24. Stop
  25. Komm (come)
  26. Pfoten hoch (both paws up on arm)
black cat with woman
Alexis loves to perform tricks for her mom. Pic Credit:@Guinness World Record/Website

Wrap up

A young woman with a uniquely talented cat set a world record to bring to light the value and talents cats possess, despite naysayers’ opinions. Alexis is one smart cat, indeed. 

Performing twenty-six moves in under one minute is quite the feat!

Did this story resonate with you? Can your cat perform tricks too?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment. Remember to share this extraordinary story with a friend.

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