A cat who vanished for four months resurfaces just two miles from home

A Connecticut tabby cat went missing for a period of four months. No one has a clue about the kitten’s whereabouts this whole time.

Thomas is the only one who can cast some light on the circumstance, but the kitten’s lips remain sealed. Fortunately, he’s back home after being found only a short distance from his residence.

The cat that went missing throughout the summer of 2018 was located a few months later, in good health, much to the relief of his heartbroken owners.

The news site Patch published this tabby cat’s intriguing story.

On June 2, Thomas disappeared from the East Coast home he shared with his family in Madison, Connecticut. A local animal shelter posted a wanted pic on Facebook four days after the missing report.

Since the cat lived on Nutmeg Lane, neighbors were requested to keep a lookout for him, particularly in any garages, sheds, or basements opened in the recent few days.

Perhaps the wandering Thomas had inadvertently become trapped in one of these places during his promenade.

As each day passed and with no signal of the lost cat, his humans became increasingly concerned for Thomas’s well-being. Gradually, they came to terms with the possibility that they might not see him again.

On August 22, the family, still without news of their pet, asked the shelter to issue a renewed call for assistance and vigilance.

The missing cat wasn’t very far

Yet, it wasn’t until September 19 that the good news broke, ending the prolonged suspense: Thomas had been located. Besides, he was fortunate enough to be taken in by a good-natured person.

In fact, the roaming cat didn’t travel far; he showed up only two miles away. A probably starving Thomas begged a house owner to let him in.

As the feline looked familiar, the Madison resident welcomed him inside. While keeping an eye on the puss, the person checked one of the numerous Facebook ads published earlier depicting Thomas.

The animal in those pictures resembled the one standing in the house at the moment. Even though Thomas looked slightly unkempt, he was recognizable.

For this reason, his rescuer contacted the Madison shelter to share their finding. Soon, the shelter played the intermediary between the caller and the missing cat owners.

Thomas’s family received a series of photographs of the found feline, allowing them to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the animal in question was theirs.

Just like that, four months after fleeing, Thomas was back with his loved ones.

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