Widget the grumpy rescue cat with feline dwarfism is not afraid to show her displeasure

Widget is one grumpy rescue cat.

She was found with her litter-mates when they were all around four or five weeks old, and taken to the Carroll County Humane Society.

When they arrived at the shelter, Widget was the only one with feline dwarfism – a genetic condition that causes a cat’s growth to be stunted.

As her and her siblings were kittens, they were taken to a foster home to be raised until they could be adopted.

And that’s how Widgets owner Michelle met her for the first time.


Michelle got first pick of of adopting the kitten she wanted the most because she had been fostering the litter.

And the one she wanted was Widget.

Her permanently down-turned mouth and sassy attitude was too adorable for her to see leave her life.

“I adopted her as soon as I could.”

White kitten with a grumpy face on a sweater
Even as a kitten she had a grumpy face! Pic credit: @widgetthemidget2020/Instagram.

People have told Michelle that her and Widget have complete opposite personalities.

Michelle is happy-go-lucky and optimistic soul, whereas Widget acts like she was born annoyed!

White cat with a grumpy face sleeps on a side table with her head resting on a bed
She even has a face on her when she’s sleeping! Pic credit: @widgetthemidget2020/Instagram.

And she’s not afraid to throw down to make sure the other cats in her home know whose boss.

It looks like Widget doesn’t want the foster kittens to think she’s soft!

She may be small, but she is mighty!


Widget isn’t a sourpuss all the time though, she also has a sweet side.

Michelle continues to foster cats and kittens before they become healthy enough to be adopted on.

Widget may fight with them, but she loves them really.

Maybe it’s Widgets markings that make her seem grumpier than she really is.

Either way, Michelle is delighted by her daily antics, and it seems a lot of other people on the internet are too!

Widget’s Instagram account now has over 70,000 followers, and she even has her own store where people can buy practically anything with Widget’s frown on it.

White cat with a grumpy face laying on her back
Widget looks very disappointed in all of us. Pic credit: @widgetthemidget2020/Instagram.

Grumpy or not, Widget has brought so much joy to her owner Michelle.

Even if she thinks that Widget would leave her if she got the chance!

“I tell people she tolerates me, that if she were ever given the opportunity to go live with, like, a millionaire, and live in a mansion, she would leave me instantly.”


Although she jokes, Michelle has to know that isn’t true.

White cat in a big pink flower dress looking annoyed.
Who else would Widget let put her in such outfits? Pic credit: @widgetthemidget2020/Instagram.
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