Widget the grumpy rescue cat with feline dwarfism is not afraid to show her displeasure

Widget is one grumpy rescue cat. She was found with her litter-mates when they were all around four or five weeks old, and taken to the Carroll County Humane Society. When they arrived at the shelter, Widget was the only one with feline dwarfism – a genetic condition that causes a cat’s growth to be … Read more

A white dwarf cat frowns at the camera.

This Dwarf cat’s perpetual frowning face says everything about her cattitude

Widget is a curmudgeon-faced dwarf kitty with all the “cattitude” you’d expect from a feline who wears a perpetual frown. And her mom, Michelle Roberts, wouldn’t change a thing about her. Neither would Widget. She’s the self-proclaimed “meanest 6.4-pound mother fluffer” around, according to her Instagram page, Widget was born as the runt of her … Read more