This man was ‘not a cat person’ until he met a disabled cat and fell in love

Scooter’s owner, Sam Tochtrop was still a medical student when he came across Scooter and her sister Minnie as kittens in 2015.

The two kittens were found by one of Sam’s friends after a storm, and at the time Sam’s ex-partner was looking to adopt two cats. As Sam explained:

“It seemed like fate”

A grey and white kitten in a towel next to her tortoiseshell kitten sister.
The two sisters were such adorable as kittens! Pic credit: @scoot.butt/Instagram.

They soon found that little Scooter’s back legs weren’t working and that she dragged them behind her to move around. The vet suggested Scooter be put down, thinking that Sam couldn’t give her a good quality of life being a busy medical student.

But it turned out he was the perfect person to take care of her.

Special needs

Sam’s medical school schedule was more suitable to Scooter’s need than his exes, so when they parted ways Sam kept Scooter and his ex took Minnie.

Having a disabled cat like Scooter meant that she needed more help than other cats but this was no problem for Sam.

Though Sam had previously described himself as ‘not a cat person’ he fell in love with her the moment he saw her.

Sam bathes Scooter regularly as she cant fully groom herself, he also had to learn how to manually express her bladder and bowels when needed.

He even built ramps to make sure she can reach his bed for the most important thing; cuddles.

Even so, Scooter proved she could get by on her own quite well!

It’s easy to see how Sam fell so completely in love with little Scooter.

Keep on scooting

There’s no doubt the bond between this cat and her loving owner is strong, they’ve been by each other’s side through all of life’s ups and downs.

And their bond has only grown stronger as Scooter has faced some complex medical problems.

In 2020, Scooter had to spend some time at an animal hospital because she had severe constipation, back then, Sam didn’t know whether she would make it.

Thankfully, it wasn’t Scooter’s time just yet.

Although she continues to be treated and monitored for any build up in her bowels, Scooter has been doing really well since that scare.

She is a strong survivor, and with Sam taking care of her, she’s in the best, most loving place she could be.

A white and grey cat with her head rested in the crook of her owner's forearm.
It looks like 2022 is going to be a great year for Scooter and Sam. Pic credit: @scoot.butt/Instagram.

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