Woman fell in love with this kitten with feline dwarfism as soon as she saw him

When Emily first saw Frank, she couldn’t believe he was real he was so cute!

Emily’s boyfriend works in the military and so they had been looking to adopt a cat to keep Emily company while he was away.

She wanted an animal companion that would provide comfort, companionship, and cuddles, and she found all of this and more in Frank.

The second she saw he was up for adoption she knew she had to have him.

Close-up of a black and white kitten with feline dwarfism
How could you not fall in love with that cute little face? Pic credit: @dank_frankboi/Instagram.


Frank was found as a kitten along with his siblings, and he is only one of the litter who has feline dwarfism.

Feline dwarfism is caused by a genetic abnormality which results in the stunted growth of a cat.

Cats with this genetic condition can develop health issues as they grow, including heart and lung issues as well as a propensity for obesity because of their size.

Luckily, Frank has never exhibited any signs of ill health other than an upper respiratory infection when he was first adopted that fully cleared up.

He remains tiny, weighing only four pounds at nine-months-old!

And he’s not expected to get much bigger.

Crazy cat lady

“I told myself I was not gonna be a crazy cat lady, but it goes beyond that now”


Emily became enamored not just with how adorable Frank looks, but with his silly, playful personality too.


Tryna catch the sunlight, super quick boi

♬ original sound – darcy stokes

Emily made a TikTok account for Frank to share all of his sweet funny moments with the world.

The account currently has over 40,000 followers and over a million likes altogether!

The internet clearly appreciates little Frank just as much as Emily does.


The sweetest most handsome boy there ever was

♬ La Vie En Rose – Emily Watts

Frank and Emily have developed quite a bond since she brought him home.

And it’s safe to say he’s made himself comfortable!

Black and white dwarf cat sleeping on his back
Frank is dead to the world when he’s sleeping. Pic credit: @dank_frankboi/Instagram.

Frank regularly passes out on Emily, and sleeps so “hard” that you’d worry he was dead.

Nothing says a comfortable, secure cat than one who let’s himself enter into such a deep sleep with his owner.

Emily clearly loves every second she gets to spend with Frank.

The two of them will be companions for life, no matter what happens.

Close-up of black and white dwarf cat
Even when she feels the most lonely, Emily will always have this sweet silly face to make her feel better! Pic credit: @dank_frankboi/Instagram.
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